The OTD capstone offers organizations in the community an opportunity to partner with an occupational therapy doctorate student to evaluate, create, or innovate their processes, programs, services, products, or other aspects of the organization. The occupational therapy doctorate student will conduct a needs assessment with your organization and complete an in-depth literature review to inform their project, which will result in deliverable products for your organization (such as evidence-based resources, program curriculum, staff training, and client/patient education).

Each OTD student must have a site mentor during their doctoral capstone experience (DCE). The site mentor must have documented expertise related to the topic of the student’s capstone.  Site mentors will collaborate with the OTD student to develop individualized learning objectives and a plan for supervision, as well as facilitate on-site supervision when needed, verify hour requirements, and perform evaluation of the student’s performance.

KGI’s OTD program offers support, training, and benefits for DCE site mentors.

DCE Site Mentor Training Opportunities

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Helpful Resources

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Next Steps to Become a DCE Site Mentor

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