2022-23 OTD Tuition and Cost of Attendance

Tuition and Fees

The estimated tuition for KGI’s OTD program can be found below and is inclusive of several valuable features including:

  • Student health and wellness services through KGI and The Claremont Colleges Services
  • Professional memberships in AOTA and OTAC
  • KGI OTD shirts
  • Lab fees
  • Variety of student activities
  • Graduation fees

Tuition and fees for the OTD program are determined by KGI’s Board of Trustees and are subject to change on an annual basis.

Year One: 2022-2023 (three trimesters)
Year Two: 2023-2024 (three trimesters)
Year Three: 2024-2025 (two trimesters)
Total Tuition

Additional Estimated Expenses

Laptop computer
Student health insurance (if not currently covered through other means) – Domestic students
Student health insurance (if not currently covered through other means) – International students
Background check, toxicology labs, and screens

Estimated Annual Living and Transportation Costs

Living expenses and transportation costs vary depending on a variety of factors. Below are estimates for living and transportation costs in the Claremont area.

Miscellaneous Personal Expenses (food, internet service, etc.)


Please see the Tuition Refunds section of KGI’s Student Handbook for details on student withdrawal and tuition refunds