KGI’s mission is to enrich society with breakthrough approaches to education and translational research in healthcare and the life sciences. Innovative and ground-breaking institutions like KGI need visual arts and creative energy to fuel and inspire their student body to solve scientific problems.

Spearheaded by KGI Student Government President Erik Wehse, the Class of 2021 wants to bring awareness to the relationship between art and science. In collaboration with KGI alumna Alia Manetta, MBS ’19, a bio-artist/muralist, your gift will support the creation of a 10ft x10ft custom one-of-a-kind indoor mural featuring a range of vibrant colors, abstract scientific symbols, and nature designs.

This will celebrate the undeniably dynamic, vibrant, and creative spirit of the graduating class of 2021 and bring additional brightness to the Oasis KGI Commons. The most significant part of this class gift is philanthropy. One-hundred percent of proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society during this time of profound need.

Will you join us?

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