The KGI Giving Society recognizes the extraordinary generosity of alumni, friends, faculty, and staff who donate $1,000 or more to KGI annually, alumni who have graduated in the past five years and made a gift of $500 or more or have donated $100,000 or more in their lifetime. The members’ generous spirit has a direct, positive influence on the phenomenal faculty and students of KGI.

At KGI, we are uniquely positioned to make lasting impacts on issues such as healthcare accessibility by educating future leaders in the healthcare and life science industries. As we embark on the next 25 years of growth and innovation at KGI, we are proud and grateful to have the KGI Giving Society members as our partners in this remarkable endeavor.

All gifts, matching gifts, pledges, and pledge payments will count towards the annual membership to the giving society.

For more information about the annual membership in the KGI Giving Society, please contact Rakib Haque at or call 909.607.2637.

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  • Dr. Barbara Hamkalo
    Mr. Bernard Kury
    Dr. Alan Rothfeld
    Mr./Mrs. Henry and Gayle Riggs
    Drs. Tony Chan and Victoria Chang
    Mr. Peter Kaufman
    Mrs. Catherine Burzik
    Drs. Steve and Linda Glanville
    Mr. Richard Yochum
    Drs. Sheldon Schuster and Susan Wessler
    Dr./Mrs. Ross and Deborah Grossman
    Mr. Alexander Suh
    Ms. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
    Dr. John Baldeschwieler
    Mr./Mrs. Daniel and Annette Bradbury
    Dr./Mrs. Dennis and Linda Fenton
    Mr. Douglas Mackenzie
    Mr. John Leland
    Mr. Anthony Caracciolo
    Mr./Mrs. James and Denise Widergren
    Dr./Mrs. Robert and Winifred Curry
    Mr./Mrs. Ray and Mary Ingwersen
    Mr. Thomas Lee
    Mr./Mrs. Jack and Jill Stark
    Dr. Kwang-I Yu
    Mrs. Betsy Phelps
    Mr. Robert Day
    Dr. Ronald Linde
    Ms. Bonnie H. Anderson
    Dr. Stephen O’Connor
    Mrs. Maxine Linde
    Dr./Mrs. Jane and Arthur Riggs
    Mr. James Cornelius
    Ms. Judy Heyboer
  • Ms. Barbara Kosacz
    Drs. Hanu & Lakshmi Savitala-Damerla
    Mrs. Karen Bernstein
    Dr. Megan Prosser
    Dr. Steven Galson
    Dr./Mrs. Tochukwu & Uchechukwu Anyaduba
  • Dr. Alan Mendelson
    Mr. Bhumi Patel
    Dr. James Sterling
    Dr. Jim Osborne
    Mr. Kevin Harley
    Dr. Lydia Villa-Komaroff
    Dr. Manohar M.K. Raheja
    Mr. Richmond Wolf
    Dr. Yolanda Moses
  • Mr. Eric Benjamins
    Dr. Gail Orum-Alexander
    Mr. George Ohrstrom Jr.
    Mr. Hans Smith
    Mr. Hutch Humphreys
    Dr. James Cregg
    Dr. John Krstenansky
    Mr. John Wareham
    Mr. Joshua Seno
    Dr. Kelly Esperias
    Dr. Kenneth Gruys
    Mr. Kerwin Esperias
    Mr. Kevin Hambly
    Dr. Roslyn Schneider
    Dr. Saurav Datta
    Dr. Sergio Sanchez Manchinelly
    Dr. Srikanth Kolluru
    Dr. Stephen Kosslyn
    Dr. Steven Casper
    Mr. Thomas Lobl
    Mr. Xi Deng
    Mr. Zachary Wessler
"As an international student, it is essential to have someone to guide me on my professional path in this country. The mentorship program allows me to have the guidance of someone knowledgeable and experienced in the biotech and business field, such as Andrew Lewis. He has helped me grow my professional network and provided advice in seeking job opportunities. This mentorship has also helped me to have more confidence in myself and to ask for feedback and internal referrals from various professionals in leadership positions in the company where I am doing my internship."
Elena Nunez
MBS '23

A Community of Giving

For more information about the annual membership in the KGI Giving Society, please contact Gabriel Hernandez, Annual Giving Officer, at or call 909.607.5827.