#120 – Data Scientists Panel

As part of the Pandemic Solutions: Virtual Speaker Series, KGI Professor Animesh Ray interviewed a panel of professional data scientists. The data scientists are from companies that are members of an industry group called PHUSE, a global community of professionals passionate about the advancement of clinical information. PHUSE has expanded from its roots as a conference for European statistical programmers to a global membership organization and platform for the discussion of topics encompassing the work of data managers, biostatisticians, statistical programmers, and eClinical IT professionals.

The panelists for this event included:

  • Dhananjay (DJ) Chhatre: Director of Project Management, Gilead Sciences
  • Sangeeta Bhattacharya: Statistical Programming Immunology Head, Janssen
  • Sascha Ahrweiler: Global Head of Statistical Programming & Analysis, Bayer Pharmaceuticals
  • Chris Price: Data Standards Technical Lead, Roche