BioPhorum Operations Group Visits KGI to Connect with Students and Faculty

CLAREMONT, Calif. – With Sue Behrens and the bioprocessing team leading the way, Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) hosted the BioPhorum Operations Group (BPOG) on Wednesday, Oct. 23.

The visit, which took place during the course of BPOG’s annual meeting, was an opportunity to learn about KGI’s academic programs and explore opportunities for collaboration with faculty and students.

Behrens joined KGI in July as the George B. and Joy Rathmann Professor in Bioprocessing and Director of the Amgen Bioprocessing Center after many years of leadership experience in the biotech industry.

Together with the KGI bioprocessing students, faculty, and staff, Behrens put together a busy day for the members of BPOG, all of whom are senior leaders in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing and supply industry. They enjoyed an overview of the institution, tours of the lab facilities, and student presentations on PhD research and current Team Master’s Projects.

“It was a great opportunity to host the members of the BPOG Technical Road Map Steering Committee and share the capabilities that KGI brings to the industry,” Behrens said. “There was a lot of excitement from the BPOG representatives who commented on the quality of the facility and the energy of our students.

“We look forward to additional collaborations with BPOG and our industry partners to support innovative solutions in Biopharmaceutical Processing.”  

In attendance were two corporate liaisons from this year’s slate of TMPs: Samet S. Yildirim, MBS ’13, of Boehringer Ingelheim and Andy Campbell of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

The mission of the BioPhorum Operations Group is to create environments where the global biopharmaceutical industry can collaborate and accelerate innovation initiatives and adoption of new technology, for the benefit of all members.

Since its inception in 2004, BioPhorum has become the open and trusted environment where senior leaders of the biopharmaceutical industry come together to openly share and discuss the emerging trends and challenges facing their industry.