International Blog: April 2, 2018

Hello Peeps! Hope everyone is doing fantastic as always! I think this past week was definitely a dream come true week. I say this because we had our TMP Presentations on Friday and they went amazing! I think that it is definitely one thing to see it in the brochure and then once you get to experience it here it is a whole new world. The very fact that you get to present the work that you did during the course of several months is definitely something huge and I consider it as a great achievement. It was also a wonderful practice technique to learn how to present in front of distinguished faculty and it gives you the level of confidence to present in front of a company in the future.

I spent my entire week prepping for this presentation and also prepping for my interviews which were right before my TMP. Boy! Talk about being busy at KGI! You just never know what you are up for every week! A small piece of advice that I can give to you would definitely be to read the different TMP projects in the brochure—each of them have amazing topics that cater to different aspects of the biotechnology industry so that when you choose to do a TMP either in your second semester or second year you have a clear idea of what kind of focus area you want to get into. You can even find the perfect team that would help you succeed in that area. I was definitely lucky enough to be put into a great team and fingers crossed we kill the final presentation at Roche in May. But more on that later, for now that’s all I’ve got!

#Staytunedforupdates #ilovekgi.