International Blog: August 6, 2018

Hello Everyone! Hope things are going great! I would say I had the most amazing week in Berkeley. My roommate from KGI came over to visit me and we spent the entire weekend doing touristy things in San Francisco. I finally made it to the Golden Gate Bridge peeps! OMG! It was so beautiful and its truly amazing when you actually get to tick off one thing from your bucket list. I also had a fun dance cardio workout in UC Berkeley. That’s the best part about these internships, you actually start doing more things for yourself and trying out new and cool fun stuff than following the usual routine. And these past 11 weeks have taught me just that: to enjoy myself every day! .

The work week was rather quiet, I just spent time wrapping some things up! I successfully launched my marketing campaign which was great and I am really looking forward to getting a good response. The opportunity that you get as an intern to do different things is great! Two weeks from now I am finishing my internship! Where did all the time go again? Have you started counting down as well? A small part of me doesn’t want to go back to the crazy routine at KGI, but there is another huge part of me which is super excited to meet all of you! Don’t forget to check my IG Posts!

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