International Blog: December 10, 2018

Hello KGI friends! We are so close to getting done! This week was super intense and it took me one entire day just to understand all the things I have to get done before I leave for the break! We pretty much had loads of stuff to complete for TMP, since we have our final onsite presentation scheduled with the senior leadership team at Amgen for next week. There were a couple of other small yet time-consuming assignments to complete as well. So this week included several sleepless nights :P. You guys are almost there, you survived 😛 the worst is yet to come? (Lol, i’m just kidding :P).

We did have a couple of small holiday parties with various teams which was a nice break from the regular schedule. I think I have started gaining my holiday weight before the break guys! 😛 Too much sugar. It’s so hard to say no, isn’t it, to chocolate cookies and cupcakes? 😛 I’m also super excited to be leaving to India on December 14. Can’t wait to go home and spend some quality time with family and friends!

That’s all from me folks! Have the most amazing break, gobble on some amazing treats and make sure you get loads of pictures. Also don’t forget to follow KGI’s OISS on @kgiglobal for cool and fun updates about India and the things I do there. 😛 Wish everyone a wonderful new year 🙂 See you all in January 🙂 #survivingFall18 #kgiglobal #keckgrad #YouAreWelcomeHere #Fall2018experiences