International Blog: February 19, 2018

Hello Peeps! Happy Monday! How is everybody holding up? I had a really fun and exciting week. We had two of the best events in KGI this week, which was focused on building our professional career. The event is called the “Resume Review” event and we had the opportunity to get our resume reviewed by our very own seniors who secured the best internships the previous year. Believe me when I say this: you would have your resume changed at least a minimum of 20 times before you apply to that first internship. And when you look back on your very first resume that you applied with to KGI and the one you applied to your internship with they would look totally different. And it is a good thing because you really understand what a human resources department or a hiring manager looks at when they screen your resume for eight seconds. The event was really successful and I hope I would be in a place to make it even bigger when you come here.

The next event was an industry talk and round table event with EmPartners consulting, a life science company providing consulting solutions and services to some of the really big biopharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Genentech, Gilead, etc. We have three KGI alums currently working there. The biggest takeaway for me from the event was really understanding what they look for in a candidate who is passionate about the biotech industry. Make sure you check out their website if you are really interested in consulting! These are my two big updates this week, everyone. Keep following the blog for more soon!