International Blog: January 1, 2018

Hello everyone! I cannot believe its 2018 already! Wish you guys a very happy and healthy new year! Feels like just yesterday I was sending out my masters applications to different graduate schools in the USA. It is amazing how time flies, isn’t it? The first semester believe me is definitely as crazy as it sounds, but to be honest it does go by pretty fast. You will have moments where you start thinking “why did I put myself through this journey?” and you will have moments where you realize that this is the best place that you could possibly be! (the latter is more, trust me).

On that thought, my first winter break in the United States was truly amazing. I visited my undergraduate friends from India who are currently doing their masters on the East Coast and we took this fun road trip starting from Texas to New Orleans. I had the opportunity to visit some really interesting and cool places that I have only seen on the internet or read about in books. I strongly recommend to visit NASA in Houston, World War 2 museum in Louisiana State, Kennedy Memorial in Dallas, and of course the Riverwalk in San Antonio. These were definitely the highlights of my entire trip. A quick heads up if you are ever heading to the east coast in December: make sure you take at least 1-2 winter coats with you :P. I had the most difficult time adjusting to the weather because going from 90◦F, which is like burning hot, to like 18◦ F, which is freezing cold, was something I did not sign up for and enjoy.

But now, with all my energy, enthusiasm, and probably five pounds of extra holiday weight, I cannot wait to begin my spring semester at KGI. TMP work week is all set to begin tomorrow and I am really looking forward to working with one of the biggest companies in the medical device industry. Don’t know what TMP is? That is your challenge for this week! Don’t worry, I’ll clue you in next week just in case you don’t find the answer. 🙂

And always remember #staythankfulforeachday #fingerscrossed2018 #iloveKGI<3.