International Blog: January 22, 2018

Happy Monday everybody! Weekends go by pretty fast don’t they! That’s something you will learn when you start graduate school—before you know it you are loaded with assignments and group projects! This week was in fact one of the less eventful weeks at KGI (a rare thing!). However, we do have a couple of important industry talks and info sessions lined up next week, so I am really looking forward to that. One of the most amazing things in KGI is the industry talks and company info sessions that are organized. These industry talks provide the best platform for networking and you definitely learn so much from the company’s senior-most employees. They always take place during lunch between 12–1 p.m., so you need to make sure you RSVP before coming in for the event because they get filled pretty fast.

Even though this week is a quiet one at KGI, I was still busy! I decided to pursue an independent research study with Dr. Steve Casper. We are currently working on analyzing customer relationship management databases for a genomics company located in Ontario, Canada, and focusing on how they can improve certain metrics to improve their sales. It is definitely one of the most interesting projects because it is completely focused on understanding business and marketing analytics. I am super excited and cannot wait to start working on it! That’s all from me this week; just another six more months and you guys get to experience all of this, so keep your excitement levels up!