International Blog: January 8, 2018

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing awesome as always! I think I left you guys with some guessing work last week. I am pretty sure you must have figured it out by now by hunting down and doing some research on what a TMP is and KGI’s history of working with some of the best biotechnology companies in the world. If you did not, you definitely should! These real-word capstone projects truly represent the current situation of the biotech industry and you learn so much by just working on them. I recommend doing a TMP in your spring semester because it definitely gives you that confidence to perform even better during your second year when you take it as one of your core courses. I am currently working with Roche Sequencing Solutions, one of the divisions of Roche Molecular Systems and we are helping Roche to come up with new and innovative technologies in the field of Immuno-oncology. The TMP work week has definitely been useful because you not only meet the corporate and industry leaders for your company, but you also get to interact with so many other industry professionals across different companies, like Gilead, BioMarin, and Thermofisher, which makes the entire experience overwhelmingly positive.

We also had another event on Friday called the KGI Research Retreat where you can learn more about the current research projects taking place in KGI by PhD scholars and faculty advisors in KGI. The event was a huge success; if you are really interested in pursuing research, you should definitely check this one out when you are on campus next year. Other than that, I am all excited for the long weekend! I probably will find some time to hit the gym this weekend and catch up with friends and froyo of course! (who doesn’t love Froyo :P)? Next week is when the real work week begins: first day of spring semester classes start on Tuesday and I’m taking 21 credits this semester. I am all set, let’s ace this one together! Until then, catch you guys next week with more interesting updates from your second home :).