International Blog: July 16, 2018

Hello Everyone! I had a pretty busy week at work and at home! My work week was a little crazy because I had another additional project to handle since my manager was away on PTO (paid time off). I also met with a couple of different people on other teams to know more about their careers paths and how they got to their current role. It was really interesting to know how people have gone through different struggles and worked really hard to get where they are. I was asked this question by a couple of different people: where do I see myself going next in this journey? And it was really interesting to them because I kind of had an answer in mind. Maybe it would work maybe it wouldn’t, but a part of me was really happy since this internship really helped me understand that I want to do something along the lines of product management and marketing.

We had our first Lunch & Learn session as well with people who have worked for more than 17+ years in Bio-Rad which was the most surprising thing to me, and it really made me feel blessed that I am part of such an amazing company. I also had such a fun weekend back home, my roommates and I went to this amazing beach called Montara and had a great time together just relaxing and the weather was fantastic—California’s weather I tell you <3, one of the many perks of living in this state. Things look a lot more hectic for me next week, so hopefully I can get through it as well 🙂 Hope everyone is all excited and doing their countdowns to get here!

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