International Blog: July 30, 2018

Hello Peeps! Hope everything is going well. 🙂 As stated in my previous blog, I loved the Lunch & Learn session we had. We learned so much about presentation skills this time and it was really useful. My final presentation is on August 17 and each of us get about five minutes to present in front of about 50-60 people who are executives and vice presidents. (Super scary isn’t it? Just 300 seconds to impress this crowd :P).  I’m really excited about that and super nervous as well. Hope I can rock it like a KGI presentation :P.

Other than my usual meetings, things were pretty much the same at work. Back home, I had one of those lazy weekends and just met a couple of relatives again and well you know it: got food packed for this week! That feeling of freedom from cooking is just great :P. Just about three more weeks to go? Where did all the time fly?

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