International Blog: June 11, 2018

Hello Everyone! This past week has been wonderful and I learned so much about how this industry works. I am not sure how many of you have a work experience background, but if you do, you probably know a lot more than I do in this field. Either way, your internship will be an amazing experience and may help you realize that the industry works so differently than you might have thought.

This week, I got to attend Bio-Rad’s new product hire level 1 training. This training is designed for individuals hired for full time work (Sales Reps, Account Managers, Product Managers, etc) and who will be working with the Sales and Marketing team here at Bio-Rad, but I got to attend even as an intern! Being an intern here has its perks. The best thing about this training program is that I got to meet so many different people with different backgrounds and levels of experience. Some of them even had 20+ years of experience in this field which I thought was truly amazing.

Networking. I am pretty sure I would have mentioned this word several times before, but it definitely goes a long way and the KGI experience will truly help you realize the value of it. Next week is when I have my intern orientation and I am really looking forward to meeting the other interns and making some new friends. I am also super excited to be kick-starting my project next week! Fingers crossed! Hope it’s not as hard as I think it might be!

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