International Blog: June 4, 2018

Hello buddies! I cannot begin to explain how happy I am! My first day in Bio-Rad was just amazing! If you have never worked in a huge company before, like an actual corporate environment then trust me, it’s a whole new experience. I have my own cubicle with my name on it, a laptop, a docking station (those two desktop computers where you can just play around with your browsers), unlimited access to coffee and snacks and what not :P. I even had the opportunity to attend three meetings on my first day and I got to know the different teams and how they work cross-functionally as well.

I am part of the Regional Marketing team in Bio-Rad and I am in charge of two products: the Digital PCR and the Bio-Plex in the Life Sciences Group. I got to visit the campus and did a quick facility tour and some exploring as well. What was even more exciting was that I had lunch with my entire team and they made me feel super comfortable. It felt like I have been working here for a long time. Some of the people in my team have been working here for more than 10 years so you can imagine the passion and the commitment they have for the company. It was definitely such an overwhelming experience and I cannot wait to start my next week here.

This week was my basic training to sort of help me understand how the company is structured and the hierarchy (who is in charge of what and who I need to approach in case I have an idea or a problem). The following week I have my new hire product training which I am really excited about since it is going to involve an incredible amount of learning about product development, marketing, and sales. It’s extremely important that during your internship you make the best possible use of the opportunity you are being offered since you only have 12 to 14 weeks to gain this experience! That’s all from my end for this week peeps, but I will definitely have many moments to share in the upcoming weeks!

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