International Blog: May 28, 2018

Hello Everyone! Hope you all are doing fantastic as always! This past week has been super hectic and busy cause I was doing a lot of moving, unpacking, getting rid of stuff, and re-packing again. I finally found housing near Berkeley and I am super excited to be living with students from UC Berkeley for the next three months. I also had the chance to visit my friends from the University of Southern California this week and it was great. It’s nice to always catch up with your undergrad friends every once in a while to relive your old memories together. We managed to explore Downtown LA a bit more and had a chance to visit the Grammy’s museum in LA. It’s a beautiful museum and if you are a muso then this would be like Disneyland for you! I personally love taking pictures so if you are picture person as well, just make sure you carry some with you wherever you go, just so you can put them up in the place where you work or where you stay. It really helps and gives you that confidence knowing that you have come so far and you have so many people who love you and support you and will be with you throughout this entire journey.

I reached Berkeley on Saturday, and I just took a casual walk down the streets and found that there are so many wonderful places to eat and hang out, so many different cuisines as well. I couldn’t get to visit the campus but I am definitely going to be doing that next week! I’m all set to begin my first day of work on Tuesday. Finally, the moment I have been waiting for these past four months is here. Super excited peeps! Wish me luck!

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