International Blog—November 19, 2018

Hello KGI pals! Hope everybody is having a fantastic week. We had two super exciting events this week which I hope everyone had a chance to attend as well. The first one was the International Education Week event: International Women in STEM. This session was definitely amazing and we got to learn so much about the journey of two beautiful international women who have made it huge, not only with their professional careers but also in their personal lives. I think some of the challenges and obstacles they discussed women facing in the workplace today was definitely relevant and made us understand the importance of decision making and being aware about our future.

This talk reminded me of some of the International Lunch and Conversation events hosted at KGI. For those of you who are wondering what these events are, they are a series of fun and interesting talks hosted by our very own international student advisor, Nusha. This series revolves around several topics that might be interesting, fun, and important for us international students to be aware of during our time here. So far, we’ve discussed financial matters, interacting with Americans, and several other fun topics as well. There’s more to come in the spring semester!

The next big event that I got to organize this year was our MBS retreat which was so much fun and was filled with the most amazing beer and photos. We had a KGI alum—who runs the local La Verne Brewery—come talk to us about the science of beer. He was even generous enough to provide us with a few samples, which was awesome. I think the most fun part during this year’s retreat, apart from the KGI trivia game and the Blind Powerpoint (where we had to present on a topic we were given just a few moments before), was the ‘Future Reflection – Letters to Yourself’ event that we did. We had to write a few things like a list of goals and achievements that we would like to accomplish before graduation along with our best memory at KGI and things like that in the letter.

The MBS second-years who did this last year get theirs back on graduation and the first-years get theirs back during the retreat the following year. It was such a cute thing that we did and if you all missed out, please make sure you stop by Professor Anna’s office to fill out a couple of those. This is definitely something I recommend each of the MBS students to do. 😛

Apart from that, I can’t wait for Thanksgiving Break peeps! The International Students Potluck dinner is coming uppppp! Yayyyyyyy! That means Vegetarian Turkeyyyy 😛 #kgiglobal #keckgrad #YouAreWelcomeHere #Fall2018experiences