International Blog: October 8, 2018

Hello Everyone! Busy, busy week, wasn’t it? I think I saw so many first-years hanging out in the cafe hooked to their laptops! I am pretty sure ALS 320 and ALS 359 are keeping them busy with all the team projects they will be in! 😛 For me, I had too many things going on, from working in career services to helping out with admissions, planning for Diwali and the MBS retreat for student government, man was I busy last week! I somehow managed to make some time for myself during the weekend though. I had some fun visiting few of my friends back in LA 🙂

With so many different things happening in KGI, it can be overwhelming at times, but it’s all part of the journey so make sure you enjoy every moment of it. Being an international student, I always made sure I made appointments with different faculty members and peer tutors at KGI to make sure I felt good about everything. I hope you enjoyed the Club Fair last week as well, KGI seems like a small school but we have so many clubs—be sure to pick your favorites and you’ll have so much fun participating in the different events!

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