International Blog: September 10, 2018

Hello KGI Peeps! It honestly feels great to be back. Hope your first week of school went great. One of first things that I still remember during my first week of school was just keeping track of people’s names and planning out my schedules and getting used to receiving 10+ emails every day in my inbox. You will have no clue how your entire day gets over so quickly. Another interesting thing about the classes you take during the first semester is how much each of those 10+ team projects teach you about yourself and your strengths and weaknesses. If you are an international student it is definitely a great learning experience.

Apart from that, have you realized how many events happen at KGI just in one single week? Gosh! I think I definitely missed running from one room to the other just to see what’s going on everywhere. Clubs, industry talks, L&C series, and what not? Make sure you all read the Student Affairs email to know events happening near you and block them off in your calendar. Remember there is free food at almost every event 😛 (just kidding).

I am super excited to kick-start second year with all my new classes and even more excited to be working for Amgen this year for my Team Master’s Project. Can’t wait to learn more about and catch up with everyone! Loads of interesting updates next week peeps 🙂

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