International Blog: September 17, 2018

Hello Everyone! Hope your second week in is going fabulous. Pretty overwhelming isn’t it? It’s that time of the month where there are so many events happening during lunch and you just don’t know where to go! From Industry Talks to info sessions to meeting new people, it is definitely a whole level of experience and learning about different cultures at the same time. Hope all your classes are going fine.

My second year is definitely a lot lighter than first year. Not that the course load becomes lesser, but you get to used to managing time very well and multitasking has become a normal thing. A huge event this week was our TMP kick-off day on Friday earlier this week. I am super excited to be working with Amgen this year and I was really happy that we had so many new companies working with KGI this year. The most notable moment during the kick-off was that students who graduated from KGI during the previous year’s came back as Liaisons. How much more awesome can KGI get? It was truly amazing to see the phenomenal growth in career right after graduating from KGI. I can’t wait for you all to experience and work in a TMP project. Next week, we have some really cool information sessions and networking events as well. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of those. Too much to do, so little time? Haha, this is KGI peeps!

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