International Blog: September 3, 2018

Hello Everyone! I hope your orientation and academic prologue week went great! Pretty fun wasn’t it? Looking back to last year when I was a new student, I loved the fact we had presentations on our final day of Prologue. It really helped us understand or rather gave us a peek into how the industry works and the things they look for. 🙂  

This week all I did was just eat food, work on my poster for the poster presentation event and pack my bags! I was so not ready to leave NorCal. But one great thing about moving back to Claremont that I was looking forward to, besides KGI, was living with my new roommates. We moved into a new apartment and well, it is definitely time consuming to set everything up from scratch, but it feels great in the end! School starts on the 4th, and I know my calendar will get crazy as usual! I am also super excited to meet some of you! Lots more updates about cool events and clubs to join next week coming up! #kgiglobal #keckgrad #YouAreWelcomeHere #summerinternshipdoneright