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Karl Hess Featured in Drug Topics Magazine’s Story About Travel Health Clinics

This story first appeared in Drug Topics Magazine in April 2019. Written by Joan Vos MacDonald, the story can be viewed on page 27 of this digital PDF.

Adding a travel health clinic can be a good way for some pharmacies to boost revenue and, at the same time, offer a valuable service to the community. Customized travel consultations, which often include immunization and medication recommendations, can expand the services offered to existing customers, while potentially attracting new ones.

What works and what doesn’t? Every pharmacy is different, but the stories of four pharmacists who successfully opened travel health clinics, may inspire similar success. Each pharmacy offers advice based on what they learned.

Hendricks Pharmacy, Claremont, CA

Karl Hess, PharmD, CTH, FCPhA, is an associate professor of clinical and administrative sciences at Keck Graduate Institute School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Since 2006 he’s also managed a successful travel health clinic at Hendricks Pharmacy. He attributes much of the clinic’s success to promotional efforts in and out of the pharmacy.

To read the entire story, access page 27 of this digital PDF.