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KGI Assistant Professor has Surprising Ninja Skills

This article was written by Liset Marquez and appeared in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin on March 6, 2019. 

It was an 18-month goal that is finally coming to fruition for Sara Low.

On Wednesday, Low, an assistant professor for Keck Graduate Institute’s School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, will be among 100 contestants at Universal Studios competing in the television series “American Ninja Warrior.” The objective is for an individual to not only complete an obstacle course but to do it in the fastest time.

“I never did any sports growing up because I was a little too scared,” Low said after taking a sip of water from her aluminum steel cup.

With the help of her two brothers who serve as remote training buddies, she’s been keeping up with a workout regime which includes rocking climbing and mostly recently a ninja-specific gym to improve her grip-strength and upper body strength.


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