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Summer@KGI Provides Valuable Opportunities for High School, Undergraduate, and PhD Students

A member of The Claremont Colleges, Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) is proud to offer several unique summer programs designed to bolster your academic career—whether you are a high school student, undergraduate student, or PhD student.

High School Students

High School STEM

Dates: June 25–August 2

During the summer, KGI offers a limited number of unpaid internship opportunities to exceptionally motivated and academically strong high school students to gain hands-on research experience, and learn about the pursuit of a science or engineering related college education and professional career. Apply now!

Undergraduate Students

KGI offers several unique summer programs tailored to undergraduate students and recent graduates who are interested in pursuing careers in science. Participants get a preview of KGI’s advanced degrees while deciding on a future career in research, industry, and healthcare. These summer programs are a great way for students to improve qualifications, gain exposure to career options, and learn a unique set of skills to optimize their resume.

Bioprocessing Summer Undergraduate Internship Training and Education | BSUITE

Dates: June 17–August 2

The BSUITE program for research in bioprocessing and bioengineering provides undergraduate students, recent graduates, and those considering KGI’s Master of Engineering in Biopharmaceutical Processing program a valuable laboratory experience through team projects based on real tasks from industry bioprocessing laboratories. Students acquire specialized skills and learning opportunities not available in most undergraduate programs. Students are also introduced to career options within bioprocessing, bio manufacturing laboratories, and the manufacturing industry. Apply now!

Botswana Summer Undergraduate Research Experience | BSURE

Dates: June 3–July 26>

The Botswana Summer Undergraduate Research Experience is a unique opportunity for students to acquire research skills in the applied life sciences while serving as cultural ambassadors. Students will spend the first four weeks of the summer in Botswana where they will take two hours of Setswana language and culture every morning, followed by lab work at the University of Botswana. The last four weeks are spent at KGI where the experience continues in the lab, along with classes and group projects focusing on drug development.

Careers Beyond the Bench: Biotech Industry Summer Program

Dates: June 24–July 26

The pharmaceutical and biomedical industries require an understanding of both business and science to bring lifesaving technologies to market. Careers Beyond the Bench provides skills and professional development opportunities for undergraduates or recent graduates interested in careers in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, or other biomedical product industries. The program culminates in a consulting project to analyze the market potential of a new life science technology. During this challenging and fun five-week program, students learn about bioscience business skills and career opportunities, and gain a competitive edge for careers in science-based industries. Apply now!

Medical Device Development Boot Camp

Dates: June 24–July 19

The Medical Device Development Boot Camp is a four-week experiential learning opportunity for students interested in learning the process for designing and manufacturing medical devices. Participants will experience the different stages of product development by working in teams to translate new ideas into device designs and then build those designs into prototypes. They will also learn manufacturing and quality control/assurance methods, learning how to take their device from the prototype stage to a manufacturable product. Apply now!

Pre-Pharmacy Enrichment Program | PrEP

Dates: July 22-26

The five-day Pre-Pharmacy Enrichment Summer Program is designed for prospective students interested in a career in pharmacy. Participants will explore the pharmacy profession through interactive classes and hands-on activities that will provide an introduction to pharmacy practice. Program content may include laboratory sessions, clinical skills workshops, emerging pharmacy topics, problem-based learning, health information technology, poster presentations, professional development, an introduction to the pharmacy curriculum, and admission requirements. Apply now!

Undergraduate Summer Science Courses (online and on-campus)

Dates: June 17–August 10

Online and on-campus courses are open to all undergraduate students and recent graduates seeking careers in the sciences. These courses fulfill prerequisite requirements into KGI’s School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and many other healthcare programs. Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans are available for students enrolled in at least six summer credits at KGI. Course credits are transferable*. Apply now!

  • Biochemistry (online or on-campus)
  • Drug Design (online or on-campus)
  • Fundamentals of Pharmacy Practice (online or on-campus)
  • Genetics (online or on-campus)
  • Biostatistics (online or on-campus)
  • Human Anatomy with Lab (on-campus)
  • Human Physiology with Laboratory (on-campus)
  • Microbiology with Laboratory (on-campus)

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience | SURE

Dates: June 17–August 9

The SURE program for research in biotechnology provides undergraduate students and recent graduates the opportunity for cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research in the areas of molecular basis of human disease, drug discovery, engineering, medical diagnostics and devices, and computational biology, as well as exposure to related ethics and business topics. The program is appropriate for motivated students majoring in biology, chemistry, engineering, or related disciplines. The program also strives to promote the success of women and underrepresented minorities in science and engineering. Apply now!

Summer Explore Health Professions

Dates: July 15–26

Summer Explore Health Professions is a two-week experiential program consisting of classroom instruction, campus tours, clinical shadowing, and personalized advising. The program is best geared for undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. The program also benefits those that are already applying to programs and need personalized advising and support. Apply now!

PhD Students

Managing Science in Biotech

Dates: July 7-13

The course will introduce PhD scientists, postdocs, and graduate students to the competencies they need to thrive in industry and will expose them to the culture and infrastructure of life sciences companies through MBA-style case-based teaching, professional development workshops, and a team-based project. Learn about the process through which academic science is commercialized, gain invaluable insight into the way industry views scientific research, learn about careers for scientists in industry, and how to best leverage your skill set! Learn more here.