KGI leverages close biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry ties to prepare doctors of pharmacy to fulfill a wide range of integral healthcare roles. Required and optional industry experiential education provides students with a breadth of hands-on training designed to enhance their skills and knowledge, while increasing their competitiveness in the job market.

pharmd program


KGI prepares student pharmacists for advances at the leading edge of pharmacy practice

certificate programs

Certificate programs

Along with a PharmD degree, KGI graduates receive a certificate in one of four areas

experiential education

Experiential education

Students complete rotations in community pharmacy, health-systems, senior adult chronic care, industry, and more

Professional standards, from the Accreditation Council on Pharmacy Education (ACPE), the Center for the Advancement of Pharmaceutical Education (CAPE) Outcomes and the North American Pharmacy Licensure Examination (NAPLEX) Blueprint, are the basis of the School of Pharmacy Program Outcomes. The program’s curricular outcomes are defined at a more general level by the Global Program Learning Outcomes, and more specifically as the Professional Student Outcomes. To learn more about the nine Global Program Learning Outcomes, visit

You can also learn more about the PharmD program by visiting our Class Profile page, Curriculum Four-Year Plan, and Curriculum Map.

Licensure Exam Passage Rate

KGI NAPLEX Performance

First-time Candidates
Pass rate
All Candidates
Pass Rate
91.3% *
88.2% *

* Current data represents any exams completed from May through August 2020. Additional NAPLEX results for the Class of 2020 will be reported in Spring 2021.

KGI CPJE Performance

Calendar Year
KGI Pass Rate
State Average Pass Rate

Source: California Board of Pharmacy

Graduation and Post-Graduation Data

Graduation rates

Graduation Rate
Class of 2018
90.3% *
Class of 2019
97.0% #

*Percentage of students admitted in 2014 who graduated in 2018
#Percentage of students admitted in 2015 who graduated in 2019

Post-graduate plans (Class of 2018)

In 2018, SPHS graduated 66 students, 86% of whom responded to a series of surveys and other inquiries regarding post-graduation placements. Based on the survey results, 81% of the class reported being either employed in the profession or in the process of completing post-graduate pharmacy education. Two graduates were accepting into competitive post-graduate year 2 (PGY-2) pharmacy residencies in Oncology and Leadership.  The results by percentage are indicated below.

Employed in profession
Residency or fellowship
Other employment
Did not respond to surveys and other inquiries

Post-graduate destinations (Class of 2018)

    • APhA Executive Residency (DC)
    • Kaiser Fontana (CA)
    • Good Samaritan (OR)
    • Glendale Adventist (CA)
    • VA Long Beach (CA)
    • University of Chicago Health System (IL)
    • Palomar Health (CA)
    • Arrowhead Regional (CA)
    • Sharp Rees Stealy (CA)
    • Marshfield Clinic Acute Care (WI)
    • USC Norris Cancer Center (CA)
    • Pharmacy chains
      • CVS (10)
      • Walgreens (9)
      • Rite Aid (3)
      • Target (1)
    • Health systems pharmacy
      • Kaiser Permanente
      • Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center
      • Eisenhower Health
    • Pharmaceutical industry
      • Amgen
      • ECIR
    • Glaxo Smith Kline Rutgers (NJ)
    • Scientific and Medical Communication (FL)
    • Glaxo Smith Kline Global Regulatory Affairs (NC)
    • Rutgers Novartis (NJ)
    • Gilead (CA)

Post-graduate destinations (Class of 2019)

    • Retail Pharmacy
      • Walmart
      • Rite Aid
      • CVS Pharmacy
      • Walgreens
      • Rx Relief, Fresno
      • AUM Pharmacy, Anaheim
      • Citrus Pharmacy, Redlands
    • Health Systems Pharmacy
      • Kaiser Permanente
      • United Indian Health Services
      • Desert Regional Medical Center
      • Desert Valley Hospital
      • Option Care, Riverside
      • AIDS Health Care Foundation
      • Long Beach Health Care System
    • Pharmaceutical Industry
      • Gilead Sciences
      • Acala Pharmaceuticals

Post-graduate plans (Class of 2019)

At Commencement 2019, there were 75 PharmD graduates.  Nearly all of the graduates indicated that they are pursuing registered pharmacist (RPh) licensure. Of the 75 graduates, 10 (13.3%) went on to pharmacy residency sites, and 8 (10.6%) were awarded fellowships.  The remainder are looking for work pending licensure.

Class of 2019 Residency and Fellowship Sites

    • CVS/Cedars-Sinai (CA)
    • Greater Lawrence Family Health Center / MCPHS (MA)
    • Indian Health Services, Northern Sound Health Corporation (AK)
    • Kaiser Permanente-West Los Angeles (CA)
    • Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center (CA)
    • Presbyterian Healthcare Services (NM)
    • Sharp Healthcare / Touro University (CA)
    • VA Loma Linda Healthcare System (CA)
    • VA Long Beach Healthcare System (CA)
    • ECIR Consultancy (FL)
    • Allergan (CA)
    • Biogen (MA)
    • Sanofi (NJ)
    • UCB (GA)
    • Amgen (CA)
    • Mannkind (CA)

Class of 2020 Residency Sites

    • Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
    • Multicare Tacoma General Hospital
    • Renown Regional Medical Center
    • Cedars-Sinai Medical Care Foundation
    • Kaiser Permanente – Baldwin Park
    • Loma Linda University Health
    • Riverside University Health System
    • Huntington Hospital Association
    • Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center
    • Kaiser Permanente-Greater Southern Alameda Area
    • Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center
    • Palomar Health
    • Arrowhead Regional Medical Center
    • Sharp Grossmont Hospital