Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attending KGI

Refund Policy

Withdrawal and Refunds

In cases of withdrawal, KGI reduces tuition, fees, fellowship awards, and eligibility for student loans according to the schedule below. Date of withdrawal is defined as the date that the KGI Academic Affairs Office receives a signed statement of withdrawal from the student. Reductions of student loans are returned directly to the lenders of the funds in compliance with U.S. Department of Education requirements for calculating refunds of federal student loans in cases of withdrawal from an academic program.

Note: If a student has already received checks from KGI for credit balances on student tuition accounts before withdrawal, the student will be required to reimburse KGI for all or part of the original credit balances. Please see the section on financial aid.

Date of Withdrawal
Refund Percentage
Through the 1st week of classes
Full refund
After the 1st week through the 2nd week of classes
90% refund
After the 2nd week through the 3rd week
75% refund
After the 3rd week through the 6th week of classes
50% refund
After 6 weeks
No refund

R2T4 Requirements

Return of Title IV funds (R2T4) requirements govern the return of “unearned” federal student aid when a student withdraws from all Title IV courses before completing a term. 

When distributing student financial assistance, the federal government assumes students will complete the entire academic term for which they’ve received aid. After withdrawing, students typically become ineligible for the entire aid package the institution originally awarded them. Therefore, when a student withdraws, the institution must report it and determine how much Title IV aid that student “earned” using R2T4 calculations.

Schools determine the “earned” and “unearned” portions of Title IV aid as of the student’s withdrawal date using a prorated schedule for the first 60 percent of the term. However, if the academic term is more than 60 percent completed at the time the student withdrew, then the student has “earned” 100 percent of the Title IV funds he or she was slated to receive during that period. After calculating the student’s earned Title IV aid, the institution must return the unearned portion that the school is responsible for and notify the student of any amount that he or she must return.

Procedure for Official Withdrawal

Henry E. Riggs School of Applied Life Sciences (Riggs School) view the Riggs School Student Handbook

School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (SPHS) view the SPHS Student Handbook


The Dean of the KGI SPHS reserves the right to terminate a student at any time in order to safeguard the School’s standards of scholarship, professional and personal conduct, and orderly operation. Actions which threaten or endanger, in any way, the personal safety and/or well-being of self or other, or which disrupt or interfere with the orderly operation of the School are cause for immediate termination of the student. A student who is terminated may not be reinstated under any circumstances.

Total Withdrawal

Attendance at the School is a privilege granted in consideration of specified levels of performance and of maintaining the established standards of scholarship and personal and professional conduct. The Dean of the KGI SPHS reserves the right to require withdrawal at any time they deem necessary to safeguard the school’s standards of scholarship, conduct, and orderly operation. The student concedes this right by the act of matriculation.

Voluntary Withdrawal

Application for voluntary withdrawal from the School must be made in writing to the ADSA in the SPHS. Except in rare and special circumstances, the application will be accompanied by a personal interview with a member of the SPHS’s administrative team. Every effort should be made by the student to assure that no misunderstandings or errors occur in the withdrawal process. Following notification by the student and the personal interview, the ADSA will notify the Dean and will provide the student with the forms necessary to process the official withdrawal. A student, who leaves the School without notifying the Office for Student Affairs and completing the established withdrawal procedures within 30 days, will automatically be terminated from the Institute and will not be considered for re-admission at a later date. Withdrawal is not complete until the required forms are signed by the student, the ADSA, the Dean, the KGI Registrar, and the President of KGI. This form will be available in the Office for Student Affairs.

Mandatory Withdrawal

As stated in Academic Policies and Procedures above, students who have made unsatisfactory progress may be required to withdraw from the program “not in good academic standing”. Students, who leave the School without completing the established withdrawal procedure within 30 days, will automatically be terminated from KGI and will not be considered for re-instatement at a later date.

Attendance Policy for Online Courses

Online students are subject to the following attendance policy. Student attendance in an online course is defined as active participation in the course. Participation in this course may take the form of posting to discussion forums, submitting assignments to drop boxes, or completing quizzes or exams. Students need to participate each week in some way to satisfy the attendance requirement. (Note: logging into the course does not qualify as participation and will not be counted as meeting the attendance requirement).

Students can be dropped seven calendar days after the start of the semester if they:

  1. Fail to meet the attendance requirement (as defined above) during the first week of class, OR
  2. Fail to contact the instructor in the event of a technical problem, OR
  3. Fail to contact the instructor during the first week of class regarding their inability to complete either #1 or # 2 above.

In addition, any student failing to meet the attendance requirement for more than two consecutive weeks may be sent a “stopped attending” letter. At midterm the Institute will administratively drop any student who has failed to meet the attendance requirement as set forth by the instructor. After midterm, students who stop participating in a class without officially dropping a class and who are not administratively dropped may receive a grade of “F” for the course. This may also have an impact on certain financial aid awards. It is ultimately the responsibility of the student to drop a course. Any student who can’t meet the attendance requirements for a given week should contact their instructor immediately.

Academic Programs at KGI

Information for Students with Disabilities

Students with a disability may experience some unique challenges while pursuing a degree or certificate. The Office of Student Affairs is dedicated to helping all graduate students at Keck Graduate Institute with the resources they need to achieve academic and personal success.

Find more information about KGI’s disability services.

Copyright Infringement

KGI Copyright Policy


School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (SPHS) view the SPHS Student Handbook

Required Immunizations

All students are required to provide proof of up-to-date immunization status for measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), and tuberculosis (TB) prior to registering for and attending classes. Students living in campus housing must also meet the meningitis requirement. A copy of immunizations must be submitted to the Student Health Services located in Tranquada Center situated at 8th Street and College Way (909‐621‐8222). Failure to submit your health and immunization records by the deadline will affect your access to the classroom.

The following immunizations are required:

  • Tetanus (within last 10 years)
  • Diphtheria-Pertussis-Tetanus (if no DPT or DTaP, then TDAP is required)
  • Hepatitis B Series
  • Varicella (chickenpox) [if no history of having the disease]
  • MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) – 2 doses
  • PPD (Tuberculosis skin test) – within the previous 6 months
  • Meningitis Vaccine or waiver – (on campus student)

Students entering a Pharmacy Practice Experience rotation may require additional immunizations and must be cleared by the Office for Experiential Education thirty (30) days prior to start of the experience.

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The HEOA requires institutions of higher education to display textbook information (textbook title, price, and ISBN identifier) at the time enrollment opens. Huntley Bookstore offers books for sale and rent.

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Constitution Day

What Is Constitution Day?

Most Americans know that July 4th is our nation’s birthday.  Far fewer Americans know that September 17th is the birthday of our government, the date in 1787 on which delegates to the Philadelphia Convention completed and signed the U.S. Constitution.

The ideas on which America was founded–commitments to the rule of law, limited government and the ideals of liberty, equality and justice–are embodied in the Constitution, the oldest written constitution of any nation on Earth.  Constitution Day is intended to celebrate not only the birthday of our government but the ideas that make us Americans.

The Constitution

Constitution Day is celebrated on September 17. Check our event calendar for information in September for the next event or view information about our next Constitution Day Event.

On September 17, 1787, the Founding Fathers signed the most influential document in American history: the United States Constitution. This document established the framework of our government and the rights and freedoms that “We the People” enjoy today. In 2012, the National Constitution Center served as the national headquarters for the 225th anniversary of the Constitution’s signing.

Online Resources:  Here are some great online resources to help you learn more about the Constitution.

Constitution Day Website

Interactive Constitution

Bill of Rights Institute

National Archives