KGI’s Alumni Advisory Council (AAC)

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Join KGI’s Alumni Advisory Council (AAC)

What is the alumni advisory council?

An advisory council is a group of volunteers who come together in an official capacity to advise the staff of an organization. Many schools use advisory councils both to hear from the community about the organization’s direction while also keeping alumni and other supporters engaged and involved. An advisory council does not have legal responsibility or authority to make decisions. As the name implies, they are merely there to advise on decisions. 

Purpose of KGI’s AAC

  • To represent the interests of KGI’s alumni through discussions at AAC meetings, the AAC will provide advice on an extensive range of matters of interest to alumni and support the strategic objectives of KGI.
  • To be ambassadors and positive representatives of KGI alumni.
  • To increase alumni awareness and involvement.
  • To advise the Alumni Engagement team on how it can best ensure graduates continue to actively engage with, be an essential and knowledgeable resource to KGI, and provide the alumni network with a clear voice.
  • To develop and promote opportunities for alumni to support students through initiatives such as mentoring, guest talks, and industry insight sessions.
  • To assist with increasing alumni engagement in regards to careers and enterprise services.
  • AAC members are expected to be active members of the alumni community and will also have the opportunity to support KGI in a variety of different ways, which might include:
    • Serving on select committees or task forces as requested
    • Personally support and engage in alumni outreach activities


To promote and enhance the values and vision of our university through professional development, community service, networking, and philanthropy. To provide resources that contribute to students’ future success and foster a sense of community among people, programs, schools, and organizations affiliated with KGI.


To assist KGI in becoming an internationally recognized program of excellence in healthcare and the applied life sciences.


To continuously enhance visibility, value, and impact of KGI alumni to all alumni—present and future—and to the Institute and the KGI community.


  • To contribute to the success of current students and alumni.
  • To promote and advocate KGI as a leader in healthcare and applied life sciences.
  • To promote alumni networking and develop a relationship between current and former students.
  • To serve as ambassadors who represent professions, former students, and the scientific community to the Institute.
  • To raise money as needed to contribute financially to the objectives listed above.

Frequency of Meetings

Meet at least quarterly to discuss what is happening with KGI and the specific focus or direction the council needs. Calls may be scheduled in between meetings as needed.

Length of Term

Alumni are invited to join the AAC by the Alumni Engagement Officer. Each term will be two years. Pending an evaluation of the council at the end of those two years, the Alumni Advisory Council will consider transitioning to a full board.

Number of Members

There will be a minimum of seven and no more than 11 members on the Alumni Advisory Council.


  • AAC members are expected to attend AAC meetings, participate and represent the voice of the alumni community.
  • Attend at least one official function during your term on the Council (i.e. Commencement, White Coat Ceremony, and/or other local events in your area).
  • Contribute your talents and skills to help KGI achieve its goals and objectives and those of the board.
  • Apply the knowledge, skills, and abilities you gained, learned, or perfected at KGI for KGI.
  • Be a role model. This should go without saying, but it is important to realize that you are a living illustration that Institute affiliation continues after commencement.
  • Hold the department to high standards. Help to develop high standards and advise the officers on holding everyone accountable.
  • Open dialogue between the KGI leadership team, the Alumni Advisory Council, and the Alumni Engagement Officer will enhance the relationship with KGI and result in more business being accomplished.
  • Be cautious about talking about the Institute’s past. Students rarely like to hear about “the way it used to be.” Glorifying the past or reminiscing about difficulties is usually a quick, sure way to lose your audience.
  • Function as a liaison between alumni and KGI.

Selection Committee

  • Elizabeth Emerald | Alumni Engagement Officer, Chair
  • Cynthia Agu | PharmD Class of 2023 Student, Student Government Cross – Cultural Global Diversity Chair
  • Steve Casper | Henry E. Riggs Professor of Management
  • Angela Cossey | Senior Director of Career Services
  • Jeniffer Hernandez | Associate Professor of Biopharmaceutical Sciences
  • Justin Mathew | MBS Class of 2022 Student, Student Government President
  • Gail Orum | Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
  • Jane Rosenthal | Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for Henry E. Riggs School of Applied Life Sciences

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