My Financial Aid

In this section of the KGI Student Portal, you will view all of the aid available to you.

ACCEPT or DECLINE—Here, you can accept or decline the Unsubsidized and Graduate PLUS loans available to you. If the ACCEPT box is not checked, the loans will not be disbursed to your account.

  • If you would like to change the amount of a loan on your portal, please email the KGI Financial Aid Office at

Award Letter—The My Financial Aid page of the KGI Student Portal serves as your Award Letter. If you need a paper award letter, please contact the KGI Financial Aid Office.

Status—The status column on the My Financial Aid Page indicates where your loan is in the awarding process.

  • Pending Loan Approval – your loan has not been sent to the Department of Education. The most common reason for a loan to be held in pending status is that you are missing Entrance Counseling or one or more MPN’s. Click on Document Tracking to view your missing documents.
  • Originated/Pending Disbursement – your loan has been created with the Department of Education but has not been disbursed. Loans cannot be disbursed more than 10 days before the beginning of the semester. While your loan is in originated status, you can make changes to the loan amounts by emailing the KGI Financial Aid Office.
  • Disbursed – your loans have been disbursed from the Department of Education. The loans will be posted to the My Ledger section of your KGI Student Portal, no longer showing as Pending Financial Aid. Loans cannot be disbursed until you have accepted them on the My Financial Aid section of your KGI Student Portal.

Refunds for Living Expenses

Students who have a credit balance on their student account will receive a refund within 14 days of financial aid or payment being applied to their student account. Refunds will not be available prior to the start of the 1st day of classes for each semester.

You may track your student account activity and refund check availability through the KGI student portal. In addition, you will receive an email from the Student Account Team denoting that your refund check has been mailed.

Loan Cancellation

If you decide you no longer want a refund for living expenses, you have the right to cancel a student loan within 10 days from the time the funds were posted to your account. This will prevent Student Accounts from processing a refund check after your loans have been disbursed to your student ledger.

External Scholarships

There are many places to find outside scholarships. If you belong to clubs and organizations, please speak to their main office for scholarship information. Please follow us on Twitter for outside scholarship opportunities.

There are several searchable external scholarship databases provided online.  The following are some examples of scholarship search engines which may help you during your search:

If you receive financial assistance from private sources such as external donors, company tuition remission, VA Education Benefits, these funds will need to be reported to the Financial Aid Office.  This would include outside scholarships, tuition assistance, or educational benefits awarded within the academic year.  The total amount received from all resources plus the Federal Loans cannot exceed the student’s cost of attendance.

In efforts to lower educational loan debt, it is our policy to apply all financial assistance toward the Graduate PLUS Loan should the amount requested is up to the student’s cost of attendance within their overall financial aid package.

Document Tracking

This section contains the documents that you are required to complete before your loans can be processed. If you have uncompleted documents, your loans will not be processed.

My Ledger

This section of the KGI Student Portal will show you all of your tuition charges for the semester. Please speak to the KGI Student Account Department if you have any questions regarding the tuition and fee charges.

  • If all or part of your available financial aid has not been transferred to your ledger, you can still view your pending financial aid by clicking on the SHOW PENDING FINANCIAL AID button.
  • Overall Balance total will reflect all pending financial aid.
    Once the semester has started, if your loans have not been changed to Disbursed Status and posted to your Ledger, please look on the Document Tracking section of the student portal for the documents you are missing.
  • If you have any questions regarding how to pay your balance, or a payment that you made, please contact the KGI Student Account Department at


For questions regarding the following topics, you may contact: