Biocon Academy, established by Biocon (India’s largest biotech company), is an advanced learning initiative that aims to develop industry-ready talent for India’s rapidly growing biopharma sector. In collaboration with KGI, Biocon Academy offers certificate programs focusing on interdisciplinary aspects of biosciences. This is an innovative program focused on imparting translational education, with the aim to empower, both experienced as well as recent life science graduates.

This certificate program is offered at Biocon Academy in Bangalore using a “flipped” curriculum, with synchronous transmission of courses and instructional material developed and offered by faculty at Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) from California. In addition to technical sessions and classroom assignments from KGI, students get hands-on experience within various facilities of Biocon. While focusing on the technical skill development, the course also provides an opportunity for students to hone their professional skills through dedicated training.

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