The extensive ABC laboratories have the capabilities for:

    • 3000ft2 whole bioprocess facility
    • Upstream and Downstream Unit Operations
    • Mammalian CHO cell culture
    • Shake flask to scalable bioreactors
    • Lab scale centrifuge, depth, and tangential flow filters
    • Sartorius Stedim and Applikon DCU
    • Wavebag Reactor Units
    • BSL1 Biosafety Hoods
    • Formulation
    • Buffer exchange, processing of high viscosity formulations
    • Bulk API Presentation
    • Media Prep
    • Freeze-thaw operations
    • Cryopreservation storage
    • Chromatography, precipitation, and crystallization
    • GE Akta Chromatography Units
    • Lab scale centrifuge, depth, and tangential flow filters
    • Buffer exchange, processing of high viscosity formulations
    • Sartobind Q 5L Jumbo (AEX/CEX)
    • Sartoflow Advanced
    • HPLC
    • Nova Bioprofile 400
    • Beckman Coulter ViCell
    • ForteBio Blitz
    • PCR
    • Hemocytometry
    • Tecan Nanoquant
    • Confocal Microscopy
    • Bradford Assay
    • Plate incubators
    • Orbital shake flask incubators
    • Centrifugation/ultracentrifugation
    • Sartorius StedimTM bench-scale bioreactor suite
    • Media/buffer preparation
    • Freeze/thaw operations
    • Molecular biology suite
    • Homogenization equipment
    • Dual walk-in refrigeration units
    • Tabletop heating units
    • Primary fermentation: Gallon-scale glass/plastic carboys
    • Secondary fermentation: Tinted glass bottles w/ caps
    • Alcohol-by-volume (ABV) measurement
    • Carbonation equipment
    • Capping equipment
    • Monitored BSL2 Laboratory
    • Sterile flow hood w/ waste equipment included
    • Vacuum flask/ aspiration device
    • CO2 dual incubators
    • Freeze-thaw operations
    • Hemocytometer Microscope-Computer Technology
    • Imaging Flow Cytometry – Flow Cytometry Analysis
    • Centrifugation/Ultracentrifugation (clinical grade)
    • HPSC activities

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Find the lab manager or a lab associate to help you with the spill.

  • Fill out the form on the website and submit it as a request for purchase.

  • You can email the lab manager if its urgent or find a lab associate to help you.

  • Always inform someone you are going to be working in the lab. If you are injured/hurt make sure to call someone for immediate help. Find the lab manager and report all details of the incident.

  • Talk to one of our Bioprocessing professors, they will guide you through the process and submit an experiment log on this website for approval.

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