Required Courses

PPM students complete introductory courses in a variety of management subjects. There are currently 12.0 required course units. These courses are:

ALS 350: Finance and Accounting Principals

ALS 351: Corporate Finance

ALS 354: Bioscience Strategy

ALS 359: Introduction to Bioscience Industries

ALS 498: Professional Development for Scientists

Elective Courses

PPM students also have the opportunity to enroll in elective management or technical courses. 12.0 elective course units are required to graduate. A full list of KGI elective courses can be found on the course catalog.  Examples of business oriented courses available to PPM students include:

ALS 424: Business Operations

ALS 451: Organizational Behavior

ALS 452: Healthcare Economics

ALS 458: Applied Entrepreneurship

ALS 471: Innovation Management

Examples of regulatory affairs courses include:

ALS 362: US Regulatory Affairs

ALS 418: Biopharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Control

ALS 433: Design of Clinical Trials

Capstone Project

All PPM students also complete a two semester Team Master’s Project (TMP). The TMP course counts as 12.0 course units, and is required to graduate.

ALS 400: Team Master’s Project