Mission: Developing professional leaders is at the core of KGI’s vision. KGI Student Government strives to ensure our students find value in being integral members of their communities. Participation in student government has become a vehicle for students to develop, advocate for equality, exercise their leadership skills, and experience firsthand how meaningful civic involvement can be in one’s life. Our members strive to philanthropically participate in the local and international communities. KGI prides itself in knowing today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders.

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2022-2023 Student Government Board

  • joseph reyes

    Degree Program: PharmD ’24
    Hometown: Covina, CA
    Undergraduate: California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

    At KGI: I am currently a third-year pharmacy student on the Medical and Clinical Affairs Certificate track, an Intern Pharmacist at CVS, and the Student Government President for the 2022-2023 academic year. Previously, I was the 1st Year Pharmacy Representative (2020-2021) and the 2nd Year Pharmacy Representative (2021-2022) for the PharmD Class of 2024. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve my class and the entire KGI community.

    Post-KGI: I plan to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry because of the many opportunities it provides. My goal as a pharmacist is to serve the public to the best of my ability informing and educating patients, healthcare personnel, and many more.

  • Lindsey Graham

    Degree Program: PharmD ’24
    Hometown: Cleveland Heights, OH
    Undergraduate: University of Cincinnati; Biology-Biomedical Concentration

    At KGI: I am currently a third-year pharmacy student on the healthcare management track. Intern Pharmacist at Kaiser Anticoagulation Ambulatory Care Pharmacy. Student Government Vice President. President of the National Community Oncology Dispensing Association (NCODA). Founder and Vice President of the Black Student Union (BSU).

    Post-KGI: KGI has strengthened my knowledge of pharmacy, leadership skills, and, most importantly, my ability to thrive outside my comfort zone. Moving my daughter and husband across the country to pursue this opportunity with no support or connections truly showed me how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. The adaptability I cultivated here has allowed and encouraged me to continue to follow my dreams no matter how big. My hope is that the pharmacy education obtained here, paired with my business education concurrently obtained at UC, will propel me into my desired career as a Director of Pharmacy Operations.

  • anna capria

    Degree Program: MSGDA ’23, Assay Development
    Hometown: Baldwinsville, NY
    Undergraduate: Rochester Institute of Technology, Biomedical Sciences

    At KGI: Data Science Club President; Student Government – Professional Development Chair; Bioinformatics Intern at Boston Children’s Hospital; Data Analyst Intern Biocentury; 25th Anniversary Committee; Students for Rare NORD member; Dance club secretary

    Post-KGI: I am passionate about genetics and equitable access to genetic and genomic data. Given that, I will pursue roles that leverage my variant interpretation skills and integrate the needs of this diverse planet we exist. Finally, mentorship and guiding others to success are incredibly important to me, so continuing that post-grad will be critical.

  • peacha sokk

    Degree Program: MS ’23, Infectious Diseases
    Hometown: Modesto, California
    Undergraduate: Tulane University; Chemistry and Political Science

    At KGI: I am currently a second-year student in the master’s program, studying infectious diseases. Outside the classroom, I volunteer at a pain management clinic, am on the board of Pomona Free Clinic, and take dance classes. As Social Chair of Student Government, I am responsible for interconnecting students within all programs at KGI by hosting fun, community-building events.

    Post-KGI: KGI has reignited my passion for medicine, and I hope to leverage my newfound knowledge and experiences from both here and from my former teaching career to become a pediatrician. I hope to one day provide medical services for children and their families in under-resourced communities.

  • diana sanchez

    Degree Program: MBS ’23
    Hometown: Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico
    Undergraduate: Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon; Genomic Biotechnology

    At KGI: Team Master’s Project: Gilead Sciences – Supply Chain Technology Solutions; Student Government: Ethics & Judicial Chair (2022-2023), Business and Science Representative (2021-2022); KGI Student Affairs Graduate Assistant; Communications Chair, Investment Club; Vice President, KGI CARES Club; President, Out@KGI Club; Social Chair, ISPE; Fellow at the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce; Summer Internship: Regulatory Project Management at Gilead Sciences; Part-time Regulatory Project Manager at Gilead Sciences.

    Post-KGI: Attending KGI has broadened my perspective of the biopharmaceutical industry. I have expanded my network and developed professional skills that will allow me to achieve my personal goal of making a difference in cancer patients’ outcomes by contributing to the introduction of new treatments.

  • leslie contreras 1

    Degree Program: MS-PHT ’23
    Hometown: Desert Hot Springs, CA
    Undergraduate: UCLA; Biology & Scandinavian Minor

    At KGI:  I am currently a second year devoting my studies to a Team Master Project with Pfizer in Global Clinical Development. I dedicated my first year to researching M13 phage display antibody engineering.    Academics aside, I also involved myself in many organizations such as Latin Medical Student Association President, KEY Diabetic Clinic Director, Uncommon Good Mentor Program, Masters Thesis Graduate Assistant, Student Affairs Graduate Assistant, Admissions Ambassador, Pomona Free Clinic, and Student Government Health and Wellness Chair.

    Post-KGI: This school was pivotal in my academic career and allowed me to regain my confidence as a student. I am excited to apply my knowledge and become a future physician leader.

  • Sergey Arzumanyan

    Degree Program: PharmD ’24
    Hometown: Orange, CA
    Undergraduate: UCI; Major – Biochemistry and Molecular Biology & Minor – International Studies.

    At KGI: I am currently a third-year pharmacy student on the Medication Therapy Outcomes track. Have experience as Intern Pharmacist at CVS Pharmacy. Treasurer – Student government.

    Post-KGI: I aspire to transition to work in an inpatient hospital pharmacy setting and gradually progress to Pharmacy Manager (Inpatient) position. With an experience in outpatient and inpatient pharmacy, I am sure I will be able to provide successful pharmacy management with an emphasis on prioritizing patient health, well-being, and the care process.

  • Godwin Egbung

    Degree Program: MBS ’23
    Hometown: Ogoja, Nigeria
    Undergraduate: University of Nigeria; Medical  Laboratory Science

    At KGI: I am currently a second-year Master of Business and Science student. Graduate Student Consultant, Plant Capacity Modeling at Boehringer Ingelheim. Student Government Cross-Cultural & Global Diversity Chair. VP of Relations for KGI Supply Chain Management & Biotech Operations Club (SCOP). KGI Pan African Student Union (PASU) former President and current VP. Previously, I worked with Gilead as a Clinical Supply Chain Management Intern. I’m a patient advocate and have volunteered for several non-profit medical clinics to serve disadvantaged communities and eliminate disparities in the healthcare system in Africa.

    Post-KGI: I hope to join an innovative global biopharma company to contribute to identifying and eliminating bottlenecks in developing and supplying life-saving therapies to patients in underserved populations.

  • Ramon Zamarripa

    Degree Program: PharmD ’26
    Hometown: Glendale, CA
    Undergraduate: CSUN; BA in psychology

    At KGI: Intern Pharmacist – USC Verdugo Hills Hospital. I am also involved in setting up our march madness team and creating opportunities for our class to get together to de-stress after tests.

    Post-KGI: I aspire to work at USC Verdugo Hills hospital as a clinical pharmacist and one day become the director of pharmacy. I also wish to work at other hospital settings like CHLA and Kaiser in order to broaden my pediatric knowledge and gain more RX experience.

  • Christopher Garcia 1

    Degree Program: PharmD ’25
    Hometown: Redlands, CA
    Undergraduate: CSUSB; Chemistry concentration Biochemistry

    At KGI: I am currently a second-year pharmacy student. I was also the first-year pharmacy representative (2021-2022) for the class of 2025. I am currently an active member of multiple clubs at KGI and try to be very active in KGI-related events. Through this position, I have been very fortunate to be able to meet and assist a wide variety of students all around KGI.

    Post-KGI: I am still unsure as to which branch of pharmacy I belong so I am currently expanding my knowledge of every field available to me. I would hope to either find myself working in a hospital or on the industry side of pharmacy.

  • Syed Ahmed

    Degree Program: PharmD ’24
    Hometown: Anaheim, CA
    Undergraduate: CSUF; Kinesiology

    At KGI: I am currently a 3rd-year pharmacy student in the medical and clinical affairs (MCA) certificate track. I am the director of social media and marketing for the Industry Pharmacist Organization (IPhO) and events coordinator for the Middle Eastern Pharmacist Association (MEpHA). I have worked in various pharmacy settings such as retail, independent, and currently work in the outpatient department at Kaiser Permanente as an intern pharmacist.

    Post-KGI: My goal upon graduation is to find a career in industry pharmacy in either commercial and marketing, Medical Affairs as a medical science liaison (MSL), or a consultant.

  • Nekoula Eldek

    Degree Program: PharmD ’23
    Hometown: La Habra, CA
    Undergraduate: CSULB; Biology

    At KGI: I am currently a fourth-year pharmacy student doing my APPE rotations. I had multiple leadership roles during my 3rd year. I also have experience working at CVS and Kaiser Permanente.

    Post-KGI: I am pursuing a career in pharma.

  • Mary Bessell

    Degree Program: MSMDE ’23
    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
    Graduate: USC, Product Development Engineering
    Undergraduate: USC, Mechanical Design Engineering

    At KGI: Graduate Research Assistant-Schlappi Lab (Sept 2021-present); Research and Development Engineering Intern-Aran Lab; (June-Aug 2022); Teaching Assistant-Riggs School of Applied Life Science (Aug 2022-Present); Peer Tutor-Student Affairs (Aug 2022-Present); Team Masters Project- Medtronic: Optimize Global Calibration Services Organization, Project Coordinator (Aug 2022-Present); Peer Mentor-Student Affairs (Aug 2022-Present); Student Ambassador-Admissions (Sept 2021-Present); Good Games Club-Vice President (Aug 2022-Present), Treasurer (Aug 2021-May 2022); KGI Cares-Outreach and Fundraising Coordinator (Sept 2021-Present)

    Post-KGI: I aspire to gain experience as a Research and Development engineering in a top company or start-up that focuses on the development of point-of-care diagnostics. During which I hope to become an adjunct professor who focuses on product development and medical device engineering. After gaining industry experience and expanding my network, I aim to open a medical device start-up for point-of-care diagnostics. Lastly, while developing my career, I would like to give back to my communities by actively volunteering for Engineers Without Borders.

  • Karina Lalwani

    Degree Program: Master of Business and Science
    Hometown: Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles
    Undergraduate: Maastricht University; Medicine

    At KGI: I am a first-year MBS student involved in the investment and PM club. I am privileged to be at KGI, where I am developing a strong network of industry professionals.

    Post-KGI: I aspire to work at a large biotech firm that develops innovations-focused patient care. My long-term goals include returning to my beautiful home in the Caribbean and starting my own biotech company that serves my island’s citizens.

  • Rebecca Ross

    Degree Program: MEng ’23
    Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
    Undergraduate: California State University Fullerton, Health Science

    At KGI: 2nd-year MEng student, KGI+ATUM Scholarship recipient, Biologics Student Association Club President, Beer Club Social Media Chair, ISPE club member.

    Post-KGI: After graduating from KGI, I would like to work for the ATUM company that provides my scholarship! After interning with ATUM over the summer of 2022, I developed a great professional relationship with the cell line development team. I look forward to returning to my work in the cloning department.

  • Chloe Chatwin

    Degree Program: MSGC ’24
    Hometown: Henderson, NV
    Undergraduate: BYU, Genetics, Genomics, & Biotechnology

    At KGI: I am a first-year student in the MSGC program. I am also a member of the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD).

    Post-KGI: I aspire to become a genetic counselor (specialty undecided) and work in a healthcare system that prioritizes patient wellbeing. I am passionate about helping patients make informed decisions about their health challenges, including the testing and treatment options that are available to them.

  • Kirill Lipa

    Degree Program: MSPA ’24
    Hometown: Kharkiv, Ukraine
    Undergraduate: California State University, East Bay

    At KGI: I am a first-year student in the MSPA program. Besides being a part of the inaugural MSPA class of 2024, I am currently a member of the American Association of Physician Assistants (AAPA) and the California Academy of Physician Assistants.

    Post-KGI: Not completing my clinical rotations makes it hard to choose what medical profession I would want to be a part of. The perk of becoming a PA is that we can choose almost any medical specialty and move on to another one down the road in our careers. However, with KGI’s MSPA focusing on emergency medicine and surgical fields, it is inspiring me to continue my emergency trauma specialty which I got from my army combat medic experience.


  • Isabelle Reilly

    Degree Program: OTD ’25
    Hometown: Waukesha, Wisconsin
    Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin, Madison- BS in Rehabilitation Psychology, Major in Political Science 

    At KGI: I am a first-year student in KGI’s Inaguaral OTD Cohort. In addition to Student Government, I am also a member of the Occupational Therapy Club for OT Students on Campus.

    Post-KGI:  I am excited to learn where my interests and talents line up throughout the fieldwork components of the OT Program. Right now, I am most interested in working either in pediatric settings or with individuals who have experienced traumatic brain injuries. One of my goals is to help increase access to outdoor recreation for a wide array of people. 


  • Rob Younes

    Degree Program: PPC ’23
    Hometown: Mission Viejo, CA
    Undergraduate: Chapman University; BS in Biological Science with an emphasis in Molecular Biology

    At KGI: I am a first-year student in the professional post-baccalaureate certification program. In addition to student government, I am a Global Medical Brigade Club member. I look forward to networking opportunities and creating a tight-knit community here at KGI!

    Post-KGI: Upon completing my program,  I aim to apply to medical school in the summer of 2023. I hope to work with underserved communities in the field of Emergency Medicine. Stemming from a background in clinical research at the Brain Institute at Chapman University, I look forward to conducting further clinical research in my field of medicine.

  • Jessica Pelayo

    Degree: MSCM ‘24
    Hometown: Watts/Compton, California
    Undergraduate: B.S Kinesiology, Exercise Science from California State University, Northridge

    At KGI: I am a first-year MSCM student focused on improving the quality of care for patients in underserved and underrepresented communities. I have successfully completed KGI’s SURE Population Health Track and Bioentrepreneurship programs this summer, 2022. Currently, I serve the role of emergency department coordinator at Martin Luther King Community Hospital through COPE Health Scholars’ leadership program. It is a great pleasure for me to be a part of the student government at KGI.

    Post KGI: Upon completion of my MSCM degree, I aspire to serve underrepresented communities and build a supportive foundation that will help improve disparities for individuals in healthcare. I look forward to continuing my educational path toward completing a PA degree while also navigating my strengths toward gaining knowledge in starting a non-profit. My passion will focus on educating communities about risks interconnected with substance abuse. I also aspire to promote the importance of mental health while improving preventative care measures in communities of poverty that lack support.