In addition to each faculty member’s individual research space and instrumentation, KGI’s Institutional Laboratory Support (ILS) provides core laboratory space, instrumentation, and services essential to nurturing interdisciplinary, applied research. Instrumentation within the ILS is accessible to all researchers working at KGI. Instrument maintenance and training is provided through laboratory core personnel.  Laboratory oversight, equipment maintenance, and user training is provided through the director of the ILS.


The ILS laboratory facilities encompass a 1,866 sq. ft. core laboratory organized into thematic areas, a 316 sq. ft. design and fabrication facility, a 384 sq. ft. Laboratory Automation Center, plus sections of other laboratories at KGI, a small BSL2 lab, a cell culture lab with a laminar flow hood, a class 10,000 soft-walled clean room (Clean Air Products), two utility rooms with autoclaves, dishwashers, drying ovens, freezers and refrigerators, and a dark room with revolving door.

Shared Instrumentation

    • Real-Time PCR: Roche Light 96 Cycler (carousel)
    • Thermocycler: MJ Research PTC-100 Thermocycler w/ interchangeable heads (96/384 well plates)
    • Beckman Coulter DU 640 and DU 640i, Tecan Nanoquant M200 (small sample volume)
    • Molecular Devices SpectraMax 384Plus (96 and 384 well plates)
    • Molecular Devices SpectraMax Gemini EM (96 well plates and various tissue culture plates, top and bottom read)
    • Victor 3 multilable readers (bench top microplate readers covering all of the main non-radioactive reading technologies)
    • Azure Biosystems C500 western blot imaging system
    • Fluorescence microscopes: Leica SP5 Confocal Microscope, Nikon TE2000 fluorescence inverted microscope, Nikon E800M fluorescence compound microscope
    • Regular microscopes: Leica MZ75 stereoscope, Nikon Eclipse TS100 inverted microscope, Zeiss Axioskop2 with DIC
    • Beckman Coulter FC500 flow cytometer (part of Center for Biomarker Research)
    • Beckman Coulter Cytomics FC 500 MPL, flow cytometry System with MXP software ( available to all ILS users)
    • Coulter Z2 particle counter; BD Accuri C6 plus flow cytometer
    • Capillary Electrophoresis: Agilent Bioanalyzer 2000
    • Roland MDX-40 CNC Mill, Stratasys/Dimension SST768 rapid prototyping machine
    • Sherline/Flashcut 2000 CNC milling machine and 4400 CNC lathe controlled by a PC running SolidWorks CAD software and VisualMill 4.0CAM software, Universal 30W CO2 laser cutter
    • PWM32 series photoresist spinner
    • ABM Mask Aligner and Blak-Ray 365nm UV lamp
    • Cookson Electronics PDS 2010 Parylene Reactor
    • EMITECH dual head Sputter Coater (with QCM thickness detector)
    • Wesbond gold wire ball bonder
    • Terra-Universal Plasma-Preen plasma etcher
    • SPI Plasma Prep II etcher/cleaner
    • Anatech Hummer II gold sputter coater
    • Fisher Isotemp 381 Vacuum Oven
    • Ambios XP-1 Profilometer
    • Maxtek RQCM quartz crystal microbalance
    • Keithley 2400 source meter
    • Keithley 2700 multiplexer
    • California Instruments 351TL high voltage power supply
    • Lab Smith HVS 200V high voltage sequencer
    • Tektronix TDS 224 computer-interfaceable oscilloscopes
    • Tenma 2MHz sweep function generator
    • Malvern Zetasisizer (dynamic light scattering)
    • LabView-based control station with a variety of computer-controlled pumps, pressure transducers, thermocouples with meters, thermoelectric heating-cooling modules, pH and ion selective electrode meters, and computer-controlled power supplies
    • Shakers and incubators, waterbaths, centrifuges (desktop and floor models, including ultracentrifuge), lyophilizer, speed vac system, Gel Electrophoresis systems (1D, 2D and IEF), balances, pH meters, sonicators (bath and tip)
    • Refrigerators and Freezers (-20C and -80C), Autoclaves, icemachines, water purification systems