The purpose of this plan is to set forth guidelines for the proper disposal of medical waste in laboratories at Keck Graduate Institute and to also be in accordance with all applicable state, local, and governmental regulations addressing the use and disposal of medical waste.

Regulatory Reference

The Medical Waste Management Act under Safety Code Sections §117600-118360 and State of California Department of Public Health provide the regulatory framework under which this waste management plan is based on. It is the aim of this plan to meet and/or exceed these regulatory provisions.

Medical Waste Management Plan

Chemical and Biological Safety Committee

Medical Waste Management Plan

Due to strict state requirements for medical waste disposal, the Chemical and Biological Safety Committee (CABS) at KGI has developed and implemented a medical waste management plan that contains the following:

  • Facility information
  • Containment and storage
  • Biological waste packing, labeling, and transport
  • Steam sterilization
  • Training
  • Disinfecting techniques
  • Autoclave logs/maintenance forms

The Chemical and Biological Safety Officers

The Chemical and Biological Safety Officers at KGI oversees the medical waste program including compliance, record keeping, and proper permits and registrations. The officers also further ensures that the generation, collection, packaging, and subsequent disposal of medical waste is consistent with campus, state, and local regulations.


As a small generator of medical waste, KGI is fully permitted under California law and regulations to treat medical waste on-site via steam sterilization as an acceptable method of treatment. Furthermore, KGI has established an autoclave quality program in order to comply with the California Medical Waste Management Act as a waste generator.