The following expenses are included in a student’s budget (dependent on the year in school and the program of study). The budgets are based on the expenses that the student will incur during his/her enrollment period. The expenses normally included in the student budget are specified by Section 472 of the Higher Education Act. Put extra cash in your pocket every month by doing the math! Download our budget worksheet now.

Institutional Cost

Institution Costs are items which have a fixed cost and are usually charged by the school to the student.

  1. Tuition

Non-Institutional Costs

Non-Institutional costs are not set by the school, but are driven by local market conditions in the surrounding community. The expectation is that the student will abide by moderate living conditions.

  1. Books
  2. Supplies
  3. Transportation
  4. Room and Board
  5. Loan fees
  6. Miscellaneous personal living expenses

Other Allowable Expenses

The following expenses may be approved as additions to your basic student budget. Students must contact the KGI Financial Aid Office and request a Budget Increase Form. Budget increases will not be considered without completing the KGI Budget Request Form and original invoices and receipts or other proof of payment. Budget adjustments based on these expenses will be made only once per academic year and will be met with loan funds.

  1. Increased books and supplies
  2. Dependent Care (child or elder care)
  3. Computer Purchase (One-time expense)
  4. Costs associated with a student’s disability
  5. Unexpected medical/dental expenses for student not covered by insurance
  6. Major Auto Repairs

Non-allowable Expenses

The following expenses cannot be approved as additions to your basic student budget.

  1. Relocation and Rotation Expenses
  2. Consumer Credit
  3. Automobile Purchase

2020-21 Cost of Attendance PDFs