KGI offers FREE appointments with friendly, experienced tutors to all registered KGI students. Tutors are available to help you with various academic issues that range from clarifying and reinforcing concepts in course material, reviewing for an exam, developing effective study strategies, to offering constructive feedback on presentation and projects.

  • Mary Bessell 1

    Mary Bessell, MSMDE Class of 2023

    Hello, my name is Mary Bessell, and I am a 2nd-year MSMDE student. My professional interests include medical devices, biological micro-mechanical-electronics, global health improvement, and point-of-care diagnostics. A fun fact about me is that I enjoy developing original and copy-cat recipes as well as combing recipes because it is like recipe roulette—you never know how it’s going to turn out! An interesting fact about me is that my right thumb looks like a toe.

    Courses available for tutoring: SCI 5700, BUS 5000, ENG 5320, ENG 5330, REG 5000, ENG 6360, SCI 6700, ENG 6340, and PDEV 5100

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    Candy Lu

    Candy Lu, MS Class of 2023

    Hello KGI friends! I’m Candy Lu, a 2nd year MS student working towards a TMP concentration. Though I was a high school science teacher for the past three years, I am now pre-PA and excited to begin my journey through healthcare. I’m passionate about accessibility, transparency, and communication. Whatever your learning style is, I’m here to support you at all steps, whether it’s scientific writing, public speaking, note-taking, executive functioning skills, and/or content review. Outside of school, I love to play ice hockey, cook, and binge-watch TV across all streaming platforms. Looking forward to helping you succeed!

    Courses available for tutoring: SCI 5000, SCI 5210, SCI 5220, SCI 5230, SCI 5240, SCI 5300, SCI 5310, SCI 6000, SCI 6100, SCI 6110, SCI 6300, SCI 6301, SCI 6600, ENG 5300, MATH 5020

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    Ni Truong

    Ni Nguyen, MS class of 2023

    My name is Ni, and I am a second-year MS student with a concentration in Infectious Disease. I am a pre-PA (physician assistant) student who struggled academically during undergrad and has found a lot of growth and success while here at KGI. I have a  strong science background and enjoy working collaboratively with my peers. Whether you need to review topics in a specific class, guidance towards group projects, or just advice in regarding KGI classes in general, I would love to help. I enjoy rock climbing, cooking, and going to any concert, big or small, in my free time. I can’t wait to work with you all soon!

    Courses available for tutoring:

    ENG 5300, MATH 5020, PDEV 5400, SCI 5000, SCI 5100, SCI 5210, SCI 5220, SCI 5300, SCI 5310, SCI 5700, SCI 6500, SCI 6510, SCI 6600, SCI 6710

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    Noa Park

    Noa Park, MBS Class of 2020 and current PhD student

    I finished my MBS with a concentration in Bioprocessing in 2020 and continued studying Biopharmaceutical Processing for my PhD at KGI. I’ve taken all MBS core courses and Bioprocessing electives, so feel free to book me for any coursework, resume/cover letter writing, interview prep, pre-med advice, or anything at all! I was also involved with Global Medical Brigade and Student Government.

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  • Benjamin Dang

    Benjamin Dang, PharmD Class of 2024

    Hello! My name is Ben, and I’m currently a 3rd-year pharmacy student. I was a tutor during my 2nd year of pharmacy school, and I enjoyed helping my peers learn and understand the material, so I decided to become a peer tutor again. I want to be able to be a resource to my fellow peers to help them succeed. Courses that I prefer to tutor in are calculations, cardiology, nephrology, and infectious disease. But feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about anything. Thank you!

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    Vy Le

    Vy Le, PharmD Class of 2024

    Hello! My name is Vy Le (P3), and I’m excited to help you throughout this academic year! A little bit about me is that I love animals (I have 3 cats and 2 dogs) and I’m addicted to caffeine. Here are some courses I can tutor – cardiology, nephrology, endocrinology, calculations, etc… I will try my best to help you navigate through these courses! 

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    Elizabeth Mejia

    Elizabeth (Liz) Mejia, PharmD Class of 2025

    Hello future Pharmacist, my name is Elizabeth Mejia, and I’m a P2 at KGI. A little about myself, I’m a very adventurous person, love hiking and going to concerts. I love to learn new things yet enjoy spreading my knowledge. I try to approach teaching differently since everyone’s perspective of learning is different. I’m great in 5310, 5311, and 5325. Most individuals struggle with 5315, which I can also be of help with. I’m here to support you in your learning process and try my best to help you comprehend lecture materials. Look forward to helping you in any way I can.

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    Chloe Nguyen

    Chloe Nguyen, PharmD Class of 2025

    Hi everyone! My name is Chloe Nguyen, and I am a 2nd year PharmD student. A little bit about myself, I enjoy reading, hiking, trying out new things, and traveling. I’m very excited to be a peer tutor and help you towards academic success at KGI! I truly believe that we all rise by lifting others, so I’m here to support you in all steps of your learning process.

    Courses available for tutoring:
    Fall semester 315, 325, 310, 311
    Spring semester: 335, 318

    However, if you have questions about any other classes, feel free to reach out to me. I’m happy to help however I can.

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    Cynthia Martinez

    Cynthia N. Martinez, MSGDA Class of 2023

    Hi! My name is Cynthia 🙂 I’m a 2nd-year MSGDA student. My concentration will be in Assay Development. I’m hoping to develop my career toward clinical operations in the genetic testing industry. I’m really interested in enhancing the clinical utility and accessibility of developing genomic technologies. Things I love include working out, brunch, music festivals, farmers markets, and watching historical drama show series. My ultimate 5-year plan includes owning a Range Rover. I’m excited to help spread genetics knowledge!! I can tutor for the courses below:

    Courses available for tutoring: GENE 5200, GENE 5240, GENE 5250, GENE 5260, REG 6520

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