The five-day online Clinical Genetics and Bioinformatics Summer Program (CGB), is designed for undergraduates interested in learning more about human genomics, bioinformatics, genetic counseling, and precision medicine. CGB will expose individuals to fundamental principles of human genetics and cutting-edge applications of human genomics, and will enlighten participants about exciting career opportunities in clinical genetics and genomics.

2024 Program Dates

  • Session #1 (online): June 24 – 28 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (times subject to change)
  • Session #2 (online): July 8 – 12 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (times subject to change)

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What You Will Learn

Upon completion of the five-day program, participants will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of genetics and genomics core concepts and principles.
  2. Understand the increasing role of genetic providers with regards to interpreting genetic testing and providing risk assessment, education, and support for patients and families diagnosed with inherited conditions.
  3. Discuss the impact of genomics and pharmacogenomics on health care.
  4. Describe the various technologies used for genetic sequencing, variant interpretation, and genomic data visualization.
  5. Discuss how genomic data analytics can be used to provide actionable clinical recommendations for patients.



Application Procedures and Requirements

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    Application Deadline

    • May 15

    Priority Deadline

    • April 15

    Application Requirements 

    An online application form is required that contains questions about your personal and educational background. Additional requirements (below) can be submitted along with your online application or separately:

    • Personal Statement
      • Please provide a brief statement (maximum 500 words, 12-point font, 1 inch margins) describing yourself and explaining why you want to participate in this program.
    • Resume
    • Letter of Recommendation (Optional)
      • Contact information for one recommender is required during the online application process. This person should be able to evaluate your qualification and potential for success in our program. You can choose to use a professional or academic reference. Only one recommendation is required but additional recommendations may be submitted if desired.
      • Recommenders will be contacted via email to submit their recommendation online. If they prefer otherwise they can email or mail a copy to the Admissions Office along with this recommendation form
    • Transcripts
      • Unofficial transcripts may be submitted for evaluation purposes. Official transcripts are not required for admission but may be substituted for unofficial transcripts for admission review.
    • Genetics course (Strongly recommended)

    Application Review

    The Admissions Committee is made up of faculty and staff who will thoroughly and conscientiously review each application.

  • The program is appropriate for motivated undergraduate students interested in careers in, but not limited to, human genomics, genetic counseling, personalized medicine, and bioinformatics. Eligible applicants include:

    • Undergraduate college students (enrolled in community college or four-year institutions)
    • Students who have completed their undergraduate degree, but have not been admitted to a graduate program
    • Underrepresented students strongly encouraged to apply
  • There is a $20 application fee.

    If you are in need of an application or program fee waiver, please contact

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