Diplomas and Certificates

The diploma or certificate that a graduate receives at commencement is a mark of achievement for his or her academic work at KGI. This document is an official document and many graduates choose to frame it to display their academic achievements, as well as protect the document.

Diplomas or certificates are provided to students who satisfactorily complete the requirements of their degree/certificate program at KGI and who meet all of the following provisions:

  • An Intent to Receive a Degree Form was filed with the Registrar’s Office for the semester of graduation.
  • All outstanding student work is submitted, and all grades are received by the degree completion deadline for the semester.
  • No outstanding financial or other obligations exist on the candidate’s student account.

The academic transcript is proof, and the primary evidence of the student’s degree/certificate. Transcripts require prior written consent for release; however the conferral of a degree/certificate is directory or public information with regard to KGI’s policies on student privacy. Third parties may verify degrees/certificates granted by KGI by contacting the Office of the Registrar.

Ordering a Replacement Diploma/Certificate

From time to time, a graduate may misplace, damage or accidentally destroy a Diploma or Certificate. A replacement may also be ordered when the graduate’s name changes due to marriage, divorce, or other official process.

Fortunately, you may order a replacement. For a replacement, please fill out the Diploma Replacement Form, and make the $50 payment by using the KGI Registrar Payment Form. Please allow about 6-8 weeks for processing.