KGI students who receive a jury summon with an appearance date falling within their current term of study may request to have their jury duty be postponed via the Office of the Registrar. When you receive a summons from the court, please follow the steps listed below. Please send in your request as early as possible to give our office enough time to process your Jury Duty Letter.

  1. Fill out your portion of your Jury Summons
  2. Print and fill out the Jury Duty Summons form
  3. Make a copy of your summons
  4. Attach the original summons to Jury Duty Summons form and submit both forms to the Office of the Registrar.
  5. *** Call the courthouse at least 1 week prior to your scheduled summons date on your Jury Summons to confirm your request to postpone Jury Duty was granted. The Office of the Registrar does not guarantee excusal from jury duty.

Typically, California courts will postpone jury duty up to 3 months, however; your postponement date may fall on a date that you are currently enrolled in a future term of study. If this happens, you will need to follow steps 1-5 listed above again.

If you submit your request to the Office of the Registrar less than one week prior to your scheduled appear date, please notify the registrar immediately! You will need to hand carry your request for postponement to the court house at the time of your scheduled appearance.