Students in the MS program are required to complete a total of 54.0 units comprised of:

  • 12.0 units of core science courses
  • 3.0 units of professional development
  • 39.0 units of electives (including the following intersection requirements):
    • 27.0 units of Advanced Technical and General 
    • 12.0 units of Capstone (thesis or TMP)

Core Science Courses – 12.0 units are offered in the following formats:

Course Number
Course Name
ALS 300


Professional Development Courses – 3.0 units

Course Number
Course Name
MS professional mentorship program


Advanced and General Technical Electives

All MS students are required to complete additional units of any KGI courses, 300-level or 400-level to achieve the required 54.0 unit total.


MS students have an option of selecting one of five concentrations offered as part of the program

Capstone Projects: Each concentration requires completion of 12.0 units of a capstone project which can be a Thesis in Translational ResearchThesis in Clinical Research, or a TMP.