Academic Petitions

Examples of the kinds of requests include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Course overloads
  • Exceptions to registration deadlines  (Late ADDs, Late DROPs)
  • Variances in cross registration and general education requirements
  • MBS students requesting part-time status
  • Any exception to current KGI academic policies

Before you decide to petition

Consider carefully why a rule which applies to others should be waived for you, and argue that point in the statement of your petition.

Is your petition timely? Procrastination is not considered a rationale. If you present your petition more than a week after the deadline for which you are requesting an exemption, address why the petition is late – as well as why you missed the deadline.

What is the deadline for filing a petition?

Petitions are reviewed as they come in. During the semester, please allow at least one week for a decision.

How to submit an academic petition

  1. Complete the academic petition form (pdf).

    Your petition consists mainly of your statement as to why you feel the committee would be justified in allowing you an exception to a particular rule. Educational appropriateness is important, but in many cases—particularly for late drops—we are also concerned about equity to other students.

    Include all relevant supporting material, such as medical verification (see below). It is your responsibility to present your case fully.  Academic Affairs will not make assumptions in your favor when information necessary to support your case is missing.

  1. After you have completed the form on your computer, forward it via email to (1) your advisor, (2) the instructor, and (3)
  1. Your advisor and instructor (when applicable) must add their comments to the form you emailed to them, and then forward the form with their comments via e-mail to registrar@kgi.eduYour petition isn’t complete until they have done this. You should ask them to confirm to you when they have forwarded the petition to
  1. If you have been seen at Monsour Counseling Center or Student Health Services Center (or other clinicians) and wish for relevant information to be submitted in support of your petition, please provide this information with your petition.
  1. Other faculty that want to provide special support or additional comments should send their comments to

What should you do after filing?

Until you receive notification of the decision, take no action which may adversely affect your status in a course. Keep going to class. You will be notified of the decision or contacted if more information is necessary (i.e., one week or more later).