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About SPHS

Founded in 2014, the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences prepares students to be at the forefront of industry, technology, and patient care.

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Academic Programs

The School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences currently offers four academic programs with two more programs enrolling soon.

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SPHS programs are accredited for PharmD, MSGC, and MSGDA. The two new programs, MSPA and OTD, have applied for accreditation.

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Fellowship Program

The Fellowship Program is designed to provide Doctor of Pharmacy graduates an in depth specialized training in the biopharmaceutical industry.

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SPHS Faculty

Faculty mentor students to emphasize collaboration, problem solving, the use of technology, and personalized patient care.

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With your support, KGI will continue to have the flexibility, vision, and ability to chart new horizons and to educate professionals.

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