Administrative Advising

As a professional school, KGI is dedicated to providing services to students to help them prepare for careers in the life sciences industry, government, and non-profit organizations, as well as in medicine and other healthcare professions. Both curricular and co-curricular activities are designed to prepare the graduate with the skills to network, market themselves, apply, interview, and secure rewarding positions after their studies at KGI. The following individuals provide these services and students are encouraged to avail themselves of these resources.

  • Student Affairs: Advice and counseling for all aspects of student life, student government, and clubs
  • Career Services: Advice and support for co-curricular career preparations including resume writing, interview skills, networking, internship program, and job opportunities
  • Registrar: Advice regarding degree requirements, electives, majors, academic standing, academic performance, transcript requests, academic petitions, and registration
  • Program Support: Additional support can be provided by an Administrative Program Director and/or Faculty Program Director
  • Financial Aid Advising: Advice regarding financial aid
  • International Student Advising: Advice for international students

Faculty Advising

In addition to administrative advising, faculty advisors are available for those majoring in specific concentrations. Students outside of a concentration are not assigned faculty advisors but should seek out faculty for advice on specific topics, and should identify areas of expertise of faculty for advice in subject areas of interest. Students are encouraged to attend faculty office hours and set up appointments through email requests to meet with faculty. Faculty can provide advice regarding the choice of electives, concentrations, and the relationship of KGI curriculum to careers. Furthermore, faculty will write letters of recommendation for students as requested (note that students should provide ample advance-notice for these requests).