Could you tell us a little bit about your educational background?

I completed my undergraduate at Brigham Young University. At BYU, I studied Public Health emphasizing in both health science and environmental/occupational health. For part of my major I got to spend a summer in Western Europe on a study abroad. During the abroad we observed how various cultures approached creating a healthy lifestyle. My major also provided me with the opportunity to conduct research under the direction of an epidemiology professor. These experiences and the courses I was enrolled in led me to falling in love with population diseases and genetic diseases.

What first got you interested in the healthcare field as a career choice? There are a lot of career options in the field -nursing, physician assistant, etc., what made you decide that genetic counseling was the right practice area/career choice for you?

I grew up on a small ranch. One of my first memories of the ranch was when my dad invited me to watch him help a heifer give birth. He had to put on a long glove that covered his whole arm and help pull the calf from its mother. This experience gave my dream of becoming an OBGYN. As I worked toward this dream, I had opportunities to shadow various professionals: PAs, Doctors, and genetic counselors. As I shadowed the genetic counselors and learned more about the field, I fell in love with it and knew that it was the profession I wanted to pursue.

What type of obstacles have you had to overcome on the road to getting your education and in particular in pursuing your Genetic Counseling degree?

I’ve always been a person who has wanted to “do it all” and have believed I could do so. I’ve tried to never let time get in the way of my goals or activities that I’ve wanted to be involved in. During my undergrad, juggling two jobs, maintaining a full school schedule, fitting in shadowing hours, and being involved in my universities student association was often a challenge to manage, but the experiences and memories I gained from those opportunities were well worth the challenge.

What are you most looking forward to about beginning your Genetic Counseling studies?

I look forward to collaborating with professors and peers who share my same interest. I am excited to develop relationships with the other students in my cohort and to learn and grow from their insights.

What is one fun and interesting fact about you?

I love to run marathons! I ran my first marathon when I was 13 years old with my mom and sister. I loved it and have run my town’s marathon every year since.