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Case Updates

  • Current Cases: 0
  • Past Cases (since Feb. 2019): 24

California Order – Vaccination Status September, 2021

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KGI Fall Academic Continuity Plan (Students) August, 2021

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KGI Fall Academic Continuity Plan (Faculty) August, 2021

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Revised Public Health Order Effective 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, October 07, 2021

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Guidance for Institutions of Higher Education Requirements and Best Practices September 15, 2021

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Guidance for COVID-19 Exposure Management in Institutes of Higher Education September 29, 2021

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COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shots August 18, 2021

HHS has announced a plan to begin offering COVID-19 booster shots in the fall.

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Need help? Contact the COVID-19 Support Center

For support questions related to testing, vaccines, travel and more, please call Student Health Service at 909.621.8222. After hours or weekends, call Campus Safety at 909.607.2000.


  • Please see information below about no-cost COVID-19 testing at local health centers and select pharmacies.

    The COVID-19 testing sites on the LA County COVID-19 Testing website offer no-cost (free) testing.

    The City of Los Angeles also offers free COVID-19 testing.

    U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) has also partnered with pharmacies and retail companies to accelerate testing for more Americans in communities across the country (HHS website)

    These companies are coordinating with state and local governments to:

    • Provide Americans with faster, less invasive and more convenient testing
    • Protect healthcare personnel by eliminating direct-contact with symptomatic individuals
    • Expand testing to communities across the United States, especially those that are under-tested  and socially vulnerable

    Please visit these companies’ websites to learn more about their efforts to provide timely and accessible COVID-19 testing or to schedule an appointment.

    No-cost testing is available at local health centers and select pharmacies:

    Other pertinent information and resources can be found on the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health COVID-19 webpage

  • Given the increasing evidence that fully vaccinated people can get infected with COVID-19, it is important to track the information about the vaccines’ effectiveness and how they keep ourselves and others safe.

    To date, more than 5.1 million residents are fully vaccinated in LA County, represented by the big green box. The tiny purple box in the left lower corner of the green box below represents the 27,331 fully vaccinated people who tested positive for COVID as of August 17, 2021, representing less than 1% of those fully vaccinated.

    Of those fully vaccinated and tested positive, 0.014% were hospitalized, and only 0.0013% died.

    COVID-19 chart

    This data should provide significant reassurance that fully vaccinated people remain at relatively low risk for becoming infected with COVID-19 and even lower risk for having a bad outcome if they are infected.