Meet Jemal Hussein, PharmD ’23

Supported students who graduate are more likely to be active citizens, lead healthier lifestyles, and give back to the community. All of these gains affect our families and communities. Supporting scholarships can help students obtain these successes and lead to a more intelligent, more robust nation.

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The KGI Student Success Fund ensures we can move roadblocks together and help get all KGI students across the commencement stage and on their way to rewarding careers.


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Student scholarships reduce the financial burden of the rising costs of college education, providing students more time and energy to focus on studies rather than part-time work.




These gifts provide KGI leadership with the flexibility to prioritize the needs of our students, award financial aid, take advantage of arising opportunities, and react to unforeseen challenges.


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"I cannot thank you enough for supporting the future of my education. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to continue my education; that would not be possible without you! I now have everything I need to change the world and make the biggest impact possible, and your financial support tied everything together. I feel at ease now that I have the support I need and can focus on the problems I will fix. Thank you so much!"
Erik Wehse
MBS '21

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We can help KGI students achieve their dreams and take their place in serving the global community.