International Blog: February 5, 2018

Hola! Hope everyone is doing wonderful! One of the most fun things in KGI is that you get to be a part of different clubs here on campus. I am a part of KGI Salsa Club (yes, we really do have so much fun dancing around), KGI Beer and Wine Club, KGI Investment Club, KGI Consulting Club, and couple of other clubs too. I am also part of the KGI Student Government, which serves as the central body to oversee the different activities taking place in KGI. I am the First Year MBS Representative with Student Government and it has been truly amazing so far. I was really happy when I got voted as the MBS representative for the first year, especially being an international student. This position gives me the opportunity to interact with everyone on campus from different backgrounds and cultures and I had the wonderful opportunity to organize different social events for my batch. In fact, we had a really fun brewery event last week—we even had a couple of fun parties outside as well. I think these events really play a huge role in building that personal connection and network with your seniors. If you think it’s all work and no play here at KGI, it is definitely not that, it is so much fun too! I think I have created some fun memories just out of little moments in events like these. That is pretty much the update from this week, but stay tuned for more news about exciting events coming up next week!