International Blog: March 5, 2018

Hi again! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I got some good rest this week and studied a lot as well. I had two of my midterms this week. That’s the thing with KGI, with multiple events happening every week, you sometimes lose track of time and before you know it you are writing your first midterm in class. I had my Corporate Finance and Medical Devices midterms, and both went well. Fingers crossed everyone—I hope I did well enough to make sure I get a good grade. This week has been pretty hectic because I had a couple of assignments to complete for my Team Master’s Project and my independent research study as well.

I also had two interviews this week, one with a start-up called Triangulum Biopharma which was really useful, and another with a company called Oncoceutics. I interviewed for business development positions in both and I think just getting that interview experience was worth it. I had a couple of informational interviews as well this week for my project with Roche. Loads of tasks and assignments to catch up next week! Oh and I almost forgot – its Spring Break! I actually don’t have any plans lined up for Spring break only because I have internship applications to get back on track with! Talk to you all next week :). Here’s wishing everyone a fun and amazing Spring break week!

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